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Kyrenia Animal Rescue, Cat Catchers in action

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By Kathy Martin…

Once again I received the following EXCELLENT news from Kyrenia Animal Rescue, for publication in, as they continue their quest to battle the seemingly never-ending number of feral cats in the area.

KAR complete this programme from the funds that we, the public, help them raise through the various KAR shops and charity events, with no support from Government funds.

2. Glad Rags shop front

Glad Rags shop front

I, for one, am proud to say that when asked where I purchased a particular item of clothing say that unlike some, I am not clothed by M&S or Primark etc, but by our very own GLAD RAGS KAR shop in Girne – never know what particular “label” will be available, but I’ve NEVER been a “follower of fashion” and as a consequence I am VERY HAPPY to buy cast off clothes!

Report received on Wednesday 1st February 2017

By Kim Betts…

Kar Cats are a happy family

Kar Cats are a happy family

Never mind the Pied Piper of Hamelin – TRNC has its very own Kyrenia Animal Rescue Cat Catchers …….

In January 2017, our fantastic team braved the elements and carried on with their quest….they managed to catch 60 cats from various communities and took them to some of the local vets for neutering. This was no mean feat, when they were faced with freezing temperatures and cats hiding anywhere and everywhere to try and keep warm and dry.

The cost for KAR – just in these veterinary costs – was 6,300TL! Yet every month this worthwhile campaign continues.

KAR would like to thank the Cat Team, the Community Warden, Members of the public who report stray cats in the community, and those local vets who help KAR with this programme of Neutering and Releasing – they are all REALLY making a difference.