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First fortnightly Ladies Craft Morning held on January 31st 2017

dogankoyDoğanköy Community Association Craft Mornings

We held our first Ladies Craft Morning on Tuesday January 31st 2017 from 11.00 until about 13.00 (1pm) at the Doğanköy Coffee Shop.

I was the first to arrive and shortly afterwards Cecilia arrived, when I welcomed her and asked where she was from, expecting to hear fairly local, was delighted to find she had come on a dolmuş, from a small village near Güzelyurt to Girne and then by taxi. Cecilia moved to the TRNC about six months ago and is looking to increase her circle of friends. Shortly afterwards, the other more local ladies arrived, namely Paula and Liz (who came up with the idea to help develop friendship in the village and beyond). Selma, from Zeytinlik and Janet, from Ozanköy were other ladies from outside the village. Two local ladies Sheila and Valerie came to make up our initial group of eight. Incilay joined us a bit later.


LtoR: Cecilia, Paula, Liz, Sheila, Janet, Valerie, Selma



In no time ladies were discussing the various crafts they enjoy. Patterns for knitting were exchanged, Selma bedazzled us with her incredible bead work and she took some time to explain to a small group of us what is entailed!

A couple of us (Sheila and I) were more than happy to watch the others demonstrating their Knitting and Crocheting skills, preferring our colouring books for adults!

By the end we all agreed that this had been a very useful use of our time and we look forward to the next meeting on 14th February (Valentine’s Day).

craft-groupPaula asked me to point out that if anyone, reading this, wants to learn any particular skills then please come along and ask e.g. quilting etc! Several of the ladies have carried out most activities in their lives and are very happy to teach anyone.

So, even if you are someone who has NEVER even held a pair of knitting needles, threaded a needle to sew on a button or anything similar, please come along and talk to us.

Paula said if she doesn’t know the particular skill requested, she may well know someone who could come along and help!

For more information please contact Paula Shirley on 0533 830 3256 or email