TRNC News 30.1.2017 Akinci: I am responsible for my conscience and my people

Akıncı: “I am responsible for two things: my conscience and my people”

President Mustafa Akıncı gave an update on the latest stage reached on the negotiation process and responded to criticisms in a statement today. Akıncı said, “I never forget that I am responsible for two things: my conscience and my people.”


In his written statement President Akıncı emphasized that they have reached the final stage which needs a decisive outcome. “It is possible to create an island to live in equality, security and freedom with contribution and cooperation of all interested parties” said Akıncı.

Stating that at this point any divergences need to be compromised within the framework of realism, Akıncı reiterated that ‘‘if we can reach a reasonable point, the final decision will be given by both societies. While we have not reached this point yet, it will be possible to achieve with the support of both the Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot people.’’

Yıldırım: “The solution should be fair, based on bi-zonality and meet the expectations of both sides”

“We desire a solution to be reached in Cyprus, but the solution should be fair and lasting, based on bi-zonality, meeting the expectations of both sides” said Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım.

Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım and his British counterpart Theresa May held a joint press conference following their meeting last week, during which Yıldırım confirmed that they also exchanged views on Cyprus issue. Yıldırım emphasized that efforts are still continuing to reach a solution.


According to reports of the Anadolu Agency, Yıldırım emphasized that the security of the people living in Cyprus must be guaranteed and the experiences in the past should not be repeated again. He added, “This can only be possible with the continuation of security and guarantees.”

Responding to questions, Prime Minister May noted that the UK is one of the guarantor powers on the island, alongside Turkey and Greece. She continued, “We are pleased to see that the negotiations have progressed so far. We want to see a solution on the island. We hope a solution can be reached which guarantees the stability and security of Cyprus in the long term and for the good of both societies on the island.”

Denktaş: “We do not aim to become a province of Turkey or the Greek Cypriot Administration of Southern Cyprus”

The Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister, Serdar Denktaş, has said that the Turkish Cypriot people lay claim to the TRNC for themselves and do not aim to become a province of Turkey or Southern Cyprus.


Speaking at a panel event entitled “The Cyprus Issue and the latest developments in the Negotiations”, organized by the Ankara Forum Association, Deputy Prime Minister Denktaş said that the TRNC is very often confronted with the rhetoric of becoming the 82nd province of Turkey. He said that if the same rhetoric had come to light in 1974, 99, 8% of Turkish Cypriot people might have said “yes”, but today, this is out of question.

Denktaş added: “I have been advocating an agreement with the Greek Cypriot side. I have no intention of joining with the Greek Cypriots in any way. Likewise, it cannot be the right approach to abolish the TRNC and become a province of Turkey. I lay claim to my state because it is necessary for the continuation of the Turkish Cypriot identity. That is why the independent state should continue to exist. I do not aim for the TRNC to become a province of Turkey or Southern Cyprus. However, our bilateral relationship with Turkey should come to a much better point.”

Pointing out that the Turkish Cypriots have spent the last 50 years living in uncertainty due to the non-solution of the Cyprus Problem, Denktaş said that no one had the right to sentence the Turkish Cypriots to live under such conditions. If the current talks are to be unsuccessful, and it seems that they will be, this negotiation process must end, he added. He stressed that the Turkish Cypriots must have a clearer picture for the future, and that Turkish Cypriots no longer want to live in isolation or uncertainty.

Denktaş pointed out that the 3rd party countries could pressurise the sides into holding a referendum. Denktaş stated that the Turkish side would say ‘no’ in this condition. “The issue of guarantees is one of the most sensitive and uncompromising issues for the Turkish Cypriot people. While military presence is the greatest power for us, our people’s response to this concession will be ‘no’. “

The Best Stand Award to TRNC at EMITT

The stand of the Ministry of Tourism and Environment has been granted the best stand award at the East Mediterranean International Tourism and Travel Exhibition (EMITT). The TRNC’s exhibit was selected as the best stand among 84 stands from different countries.


In his statement, the Minister of Tourism and Environment Fikri Ataoğlu said that their aim is to promote the country’s history, culture and touristic features all over the world in the best way and showcase the TRNC as a destination for tourists around the world. Adding that the award was a great motivation to their promotional activities internationally, Ataoğlu thanked all representatives of the sector, particularly the staff of the Ministry.

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  1. What an achievement to be voted “The Best Stand Award” at the East Mediterranean International Tourism and Travel Exhibition. It just shows what the TRNC can achieve. The world should know what a good place it is to holiday here. Good Luck for 2017.

  2. Oh dear it looks very much as every one has predicted a no win situation. Northern Cyprus must now go forward as an independent country in its own right and must be recognised by the rest of the world. They must have the same rights as the South or any other country, it’s a ridiculous situation. Good news to hear that the Karpas Gate marina has been given such a wonderful accolade as the finest marina of 2017. With careful thought and planning Northern Cyprus could become one of the most desirable tourists areas in the Med, it’s got everything going for it.