Kibtek and more cutting edge technology

By Margaret Sheard ….

The recent article on regarding the latest news from Kibtek sent by SMS and email to their customers, resulted in contact with the new Manager of the Kibtek call centre, Tuluy Kalyoncu, and so we thought it would be good to follow up with a visit to the Kibtek headquarters in Lefkoşa.kibtek-building

On the 12th January we arrived at the Kibtek building and Tuluy Kalyoncu and Talat Ebediler came to where we were parked to collect us.   We went to the office of the System Manager, Mustafa Harutoğlu, where we had a long discussion about the progress Kibtek are making to give good customer service.   Mustafa is in the process of bringing their website information up to date with the addition of the English language in key areas.   It is so refreshing to know that the English speaking expatriate community of North Cyprus are considered when local news is available.


l-r Tuluy Kalyoncu, Talat Ebediler, Mustafa Harutoğlu

We discussed the recent information which had been sent to customers by SMS and email which was in respect of their mobile application for information and payment online which is available by downloading through Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

There is a worldwide service available and if consumers call the call center and give a phone number which is valid in their country, Kibtek are able to give them service right now and you can also get information about your bills which you can pay online with credit card.

Announcement to KIBTEK customers

In order to provide a better service to our consumers, the Authority has established  information reviews and payment transaction services through our website and mobile applications.

Kibtek Mobile applications can be downloaded from PLAY STORE and APP STORE with the language options of Turkish and English. The application is able to provide your consumer information, periodic payment information, periodic billing information, meter information and online payment methods.

In order to use KIBTEK Mobile application, your ID card number and Phone number is required to be registered on our customer database. If your phone number is registered and your ID number is missing, you will be able to use your 14 digits customer number. (Customer No: 01xxxxxxxxxxxx, 02xxxxxxxxxxxx, 03xxxxxxxxxxxx , 04xxxxxxxxxxxx, 05xxxxxxxxxxxx ).

You can do the same operations through our website

In the cases of any misunderstanding or problems, you can send your questions to   Alternatively you can contact our call center on 0392 6000 960.

We also discussed the future improvements which Kibtek are putting into place which includes a modern call centre which has been funded by the EU and this was our next port of call.

We said goodbye to Mustafa and thanked him for his time and Tuluy and Talat then took us to the new call centre where they are currently training people to man this very important part of Kibtek.


Talat demonstrates how the system will work

The call centre currently has 4 workstations and Tuluy has an adjoining office.   The call centre is operational from 08.30 to 15.30 at the moment and will eventually become a 24/7 operation with a full staff during office working hours and a shift system to cover evening/night calls.  We spoke for a long period about how this would operate in the future and were very impressed with the forward thinking of Kibtek to give as good a service as they can to their customers.   In the event that in future years the call centre needs to be extended there is provision for the present area to be expanded.

A TV screen is in place which will display the national electricity grid giving immediate warnings and information where problems arise so that the call centre is up to date with current outages and will be able to answer enquiries.   The information is then transferred to the website and in addition to a robot telephone answering service.   At the present time the website gives information of impending major outages which will shortly be in English as well.


The information which will be shown on the call centre screen is from the SCADA supervisory control system where another department will be monitoring the national grid and as unplanned outages occur with a warning the SCADA operators can contact the nearest mobile engineering unit and direct them to the location of the outage so that remedial work can be carried out.


It seems that all eventualities have been recognised and are being incorporated in the system which will make the call centre a very efficient means of communication for Kibtek customers in the very near future. would like to thank Mustafa Harutoğlu, Tuluy Kalyoncu and Talat Ebediler for their time and allowing us to see at first hand the improvements which are taking place for the benefit of all Kibtek customers.   We hope to be able to visit Kibtek again in the future to find out more about their development program.