News and the road ahead in 2017

By Chris Elliott…….

The end of 2016 brings moving forward into its 5th year and what a fascinating journey it has continued to be.

During this time we have seen many writers and contributors bringing their news and review articles to our pages and long may it continue so that we can share with the community, and the worldwide readership through our sharing partners, websites and forum.

We also have our individual projects and Margaret Sheard has worked very hard and has been very successful in building a network of contacts that have provided so many human interest stories of times gone by including articles about Newman’s Farm, PC Yusuf Ziya, The Suffolk Regiment, The Cyprus Rock and so much more.


Ladies always come first and it was with great delight that we were able to welcome Kathy Martin who, following the sad loss of her husband, took up the challenge to write about him and other subjects and now has found happiness and made so many friends by becoming part of our core team of writers.

Of Arts and Culture we were delighted to have the opportunity of sharing some great articles of events from the website of Heidi Trautmann.

Talking of life in Cyprus, Sermen and his brother Eren Erdogan have written some brilliant accounts of their childhood memories in the Governor’s House in Nicosia  and other Cyprus articles and we hope many more article will follow.

Ismail Veli has developed his love of writing further to produce some fascinating articles on all sorts of subjects to go with his collection of articles about Cyprus and its people, history and culture.

Ralph Kratzer the Secretary of The Foreign Residents in the TRNC (TFR) continues to develop their website and brings us many accounts of their events plus commenting on topical subjects.

For sport loving people we have regular reports on ladies Cricket from Nigel Holman and about the Gentlemen of Girne cricket team from Danish Afridi.

We should not of course forget football with the great reports from Richard Beale about Esentepe KKSK team matches which also have video highlights provided by Graham Brown and we hope we will see sport reports coming from other contributors during 2017.

For my part I had the pleasure of helping both individuals and a number of organisations develop their own websites or blogs who in turn bring their news and reviews for sharing across our media community.

We are also now working with NGO’s and groups interested in helping to make North Cyprus better and where we can, we are talking with government offices and authorities to share thoughts and ideas, as well as offers of help and to establish the vital information that expatriates seek.

Talking of information, thanks also go to Trevor Hughes for his very informative monthly Trevor’s Tips article and Chemist Rota.

Finally I would like to thank Denise Phillips, Can Gazi and Engin Dervisaga, the Radio and TV presenters who provide us with news of the weekly shows on Bayrak Radio and Television many of which are interviews with so many fascinating people in our community.

Despite many technical difficulties we re-launched North Cyprus  which has a blog section for news shared from other websites in our group plus we have the all important Friendly Forum where members can share their thoughts and news and reviews and in 2017  we plan to expand this feaurure for all of those folk who wish to apply for membership.

So what of the future for 2017, well we are looking to bring a few more people into our hobbyist team who can help with the processing and sharing  of your news and reviews and also develop their own passion for writing and creating entertaining reading.

In the meanwhile we send our best wishes for a healthy, prosperous and successful 2017 to all of our readers.


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  1. Keep up the wonderful good work Chris and Margaret. Your hard work is always appreciated, not only by expats but around the World by lovers of Cyprus. Your efforts are, much appreciated and valued. It was a pleasure meeting both of you for the first time in the limited time my brother Eren and I were in Cyprus in 2016. We achieved a lot of activities we envisaged and more with your support and diligence. Through you, we have met a very interesting couple John Aziz and his Mrs the creators of Lambousa and thank them for their welcome and support as well. Thank you once again.

    • Thank you Sermen and it was a trill to meet you both and your wives and to help share you visit and expereirences in your your homeland with so many people around the world.

      I will pass your message to our dear friend Johnny the Turk and I am sure he will message you.

    • Message from Johnny the Turk.

      Dearest friends Margaret and Chris alias Mr Clooney ın disguise.

      We wish you both and all your family and friends a Happy Healthy and
      Prosperous NewYear and many more to come and to Sermen Erdoğan and hıs brother all the way to Australia who celebrate the new year before us and the good people of the whole world who read

      We the Kent family wish everyone a happy and healthy new year and many more to come

      Johnny The Turk And Family

  2. Thank you for also supporting the Ziyamet Special Needs School as well.

    From they MAD group.

    • Thank you Ralph and without you help and enthusiasm, cyprusscene would not have become as popular as it is.

      Looking forward to sharing more news and reviews during 2017.

      Best wishes

  3. Hi Chris and Margret,
    I still enjoy all your articles and look forward to many more to come.wish you both a Happy and Health.New Year

    • Thank you Brian, we hope to have many more interesting articles in 2017. A Happy New Year to you and all your family.