June 3, 2023

Akıncı outlines his expectations for the Geneva talks

In an interview with Turkish BBC, President Mustafa Akıncı said that he has high expectations for the Geneva talks.

Akıncı underlined, however, that it would not be realistic to expect solutions to all aspects of the Cyprus problem from the talks.


According to the news, Akıncı’s main target is to return from Geneva with a decision on a referendum. It was also pointed out that Greece and the Greek Cypriot side demand the total removal of Turkish soldiers in Cyprus, however this issue is a red line for President Akıncı.

“We are the people from the same generation as Mr. Anastasiades. We are trying to reach a settlement for the final time as people of the same generation. The Geneva talks may be  the last opportunity to reach peace in Cyprus” he added.

In the interview, Akıncı also said that the young generations in Cyprus grow up without recognising each other and learning each other’s languages. They travel to each other’s areas as tourists. They have grown up as two foreign communities.

Answering the question, “Will the removal of Turkish soldiers be on the agenda?”, Akıncı said, “No, that is out of the question. Certainly, a number of soldiers will stay on the island. There is a need for the Turkish soldiers here. The realities are very clear”.

The leaders will meet on 9 January 2017 in Geneva. On 12 January 2017, the five-party conference will be held with participation of the guarantor countries; Turkey, Greece and the UK. (BRTK)

Negotiators to meet again today

Mavroyiannis and Nami image

Within the framework of the Cyprus negotiations, Turkish Cypriot Negotiator, Özdil Nami and Greek Cypriot Negotiator, Andreas Mavroyiannis will meet again today.

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3 thoughts on “TRNC News 28.12.2016 Akinci: Expectations for the Geneva talks

  1. President Akinci says a number of Turkish soldiers will stay on the Island! “A number”. That could mean anything. 20, 50, 100. This is going to be the “get out” of the problem of Turkish Troops left on the Island. This will be the Big Compromise.

  2. The same thing will happen as always , no progress ,just intransigence from the Greek Cypriots

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