June 3, 2023

By Kathy Martin…kathy-new

For friends of Mike and Sally Reilly I am very sorry to say that Mike lost his battle for life in the evening of 15th December 2016.

mike-photoMike Reilly was born in Peel, Isle of Man 21st July 1943

His parents moved to Gloucestershire when he was very young.

Attended Cheltenham College from there he went to Oxford to study languages but after one year switched to medicine.

Trained at Guy’s hospital in London.

Royal Army Medical Corps
Royal Army Medical Corps

Joined the RAMC (Royal Army Medical Corps) as a Doctor and spent time in Germany, Hong Kong, Nepal, Northern Ireland, Cyprus in 1974 and 1991.

In Cyprus in 1974, he took Turkish Cypriot children to the south for medical treatment and returned them to their families and was always warmly welcomed by the families with gifts of oranges etc and could never leave until a slap-up meal had been eaten!

Married Sally on 11th August 2007

Mike leaves two children Fenella and Damian and four grandchildren Tilda, Henry, Perdi and Isabella.

Also, had a step-son William, the son of his second wife Sally, who lives in Australia where Mike and Sally spent some lovely holidays.

He was a Colonel in the RAMC.

Left the army in 1994 and started a medical practice in Dubai.

emiratesAlso, Mike did aeronautical medicine and studied in USA to perform medicals on pilots to pronounce them fit to fly. He held the contract for Emirates Airline.

rudolf-hessHis claim to fame was that he looked after Rudolph Hess in Spandau Prison!

Retired to TRNC (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) in 2009 and very quickly developed Parkinson’s disease. This was under control for a short while, but then accelerated, extremely quickly.

He died on 15th December 2016 at 22.31 in Balcombe West Sussex at Russettings nursing home.

His wife Sally was with him, when he passed, she had been staying, in his room, at the care home for a week.

Sally wants to thank everyone for their support, they know who they are!

Sally was with him at the end and she is so relieved that his pain has now ended.

Mike’s funeral is still being arranged.

When Sally informed me, with her permission, I posted a message on my Facebook page and had the following replies

Wayne Fury RIP Mike, condolences Sally

Stand down Soldier
Your mission is done
The danger is over
There’s no need to run
You were trained well
To obey each demand
So take this and heed
This one final command
Rest your body
And rest your eyes
As we weep the loss
When a good soldier dies
Bask in the peace
That you can now enjoy
Embrace it for us
Let it too be our joy
The life that you lived
Will constantly remind
And bring on a smile
To those you leave behind
We thank you for serving
Your loyalty stood true
And hope that some day
We will meet up with you

Margaret Lonergan So sorry to hear about Mike our condolences to Sally and family

Aynur Rigby That’s beautiful Wayne. xx

Gill Moon Sorry to hear Mike has passed away, at least he is not suffering now, RIP Mike, and condolences to Sally xx

Cansev Korcil Pass my condolences to Sally x

Meric Batili I don’t know Sally, but please pass on my condolences to her and the family at this very sad time. I am sure that with friends like you she will get through these days. X

Aynur Rigby RIP, Mike. Please pass on my condolences Ali-Kathy. Thank you

Kerry Sullivan Very sad but no more suffering love to Sally xx

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