December 10, 2022

By Chris Elliott…..

There may be old or even ancient buildings where some of us live and we may know something of them but where does this knowledge come from?

Around the world there are buildings and structures which are hundreds if not thousands of years old and what we know of them has been recorded in some way by the people that used them. This history may have been recorded on the buildings, on tablets, parchments, pictures, books and newspapers.

Sadly we may know about these buildings but what do we know of the people that used them?

With the internet arriving, without doubt the opportunities for learning more of people and their buildings and structures has increased through our ability to search for information.

Cyprusscene through its publications has brought many people together which has resulted in the flow of memories which have increased our understanding of past life.

We receive many requests to help find people or find information about places and we have just received a request for help from the Reverend Wendy Hough of St Andrew’s Church Kyrenia who is interested to discover more of its history.

St Andrews Church Cemtenary

“Margaret, I have been trying to trace a history of the church written by someone called “Luard”, who was a warden in 1973. We have a later publication by a Rev. Collins who cites the earlier one in his forward. Would there be any chance you might advertise this on the website in the remote hope that someone may know of the work, or better still, have a copy. I would be so grateful.

Your readers can click here to review the history we  have recorded so far. “


We thank the Rev’d. Wendy for  asking for help and sharing the recorded history of St Andrew’s Church Kyrenia and hope some of our readers can add more historical information.

For those readers who may be able to offer information, please complete the contact box below.


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