By Margaret Sheard…..

Following the very successful unveiling of the Cyprus Memorial Rock at the National Memorial Arboretum in the UK on 21st August 2016, the question has been raised for veterans and families of those who lost their lives during the Cyprus Emergency 1955-59 to be able to pay their respects at an annual event.

We have received the following message from David Littlemore on this subject.   The format for an annual service which David is suggesting seems to be both sensible and respectful and probably the right way forward for the future.   Having personally visited the Cyprus Memorial at the Arboretum on 2 separate occasions, the short walk to the area is fairly easy and once everyone is assembled the service would be a very fitting and memorable event.


“I have received many responses to the question “should we continue to hold a Cyprus Memorial event annually at our new Cyprus Memorial”. Most said that we should, though some questioned the issue of our advancing years and our ability to continue attending such an event. I agree that age is an issue but believe that it must not stop us paying our respects to our lost colleagues, especially now that we have such a wonderful Memorial in the UK.

I have therefore booked a “Cyprus Memorial Service” at the NMA for the 21st of August 2017 to start at 10.45. Unfortunately neither Neil Trotter nor Pat Honey are able, for family and health reasons, to help or attend. Neil’s view is that the position of our new Memorial is not suitable for the ‘parade’ to be held due to the age of our veterans and the tree covered ground, so I suggest a simple dignified walk to the Memorial would be best.  As 80 is now the new 60 I am sure we will all do so in a dignified though military manner.  A normal Remembrance Service will be held and led by Chaplains for both military and police veterans and families. Due to the expense of marquees and catering, I regret that these cannot be the same as at the Unveiling, but we can all use the public catering area to mix and exchange memories after the service.

I will continue to keep you all informed and would ask that you spread the word to your own contacts.

Kind regards, David Littlemore

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