December 5, 2022


Tulips Volunteers Lunch

A gorgeous day on 6th December 2016 saw 23 of our Tulips Lambousa Stall volunteers say a tearful goodbye and good luck to Liz Boden who will be leaving the TRNC in a week’s time to embark on a new chapter in her life with her husband in the UK.

Liz Boden (Left) and Lynda Hillard (Right)

Liz Boden and Lyn Hillard took over the day to day running of the Lamoubusa Stall, along with the collecting and sorting of all donations and have encouraged many others to join the fabulous team of “happy” souls all putting in some of their free time to help cancer patients. Since Liz and Lyn took over the running of the stall in March 2016, the stall has raised over an incredible 45,000 TL!

Lunch at the Kervan Cafe at Kervanseray was a lovely way for all of us to wish our dear friend Liz good luck and to express how sorely missed she will be by us all and it also allowed us (Tulips) to wish each and everyone of our volunteers a Happy Christmas and express our sincere thanks for all their efforts this past year.

Group photo
Group photo

Funeral of Jacqueline Pike

The funeral of Jacqueline Pike (known as Jac) was help at Lapta Cemetery on Monday 5th December. Keith Lloyd conducted the service. Jac’s husband, Stephen, requested that donations be made to Tulips and I would like to sincerely thank all of Jac’s friends who donated. The wonderful sum of 485 TL was raised. This amount will pay the wages of an Oncology Nurse for one week.

Most sincere apologies for issuing the incorrect photograph in the previous issue of this article. I am so sorry for any pain I may have caused, it was a VERY FOOLISH error. SO SORRY Kathy

Jayne Matter
Tulips Cancer Support Worker

Sue and Carole

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    1. I am so terribly sorry – was horrified when I discovered that I had the wrong photo and have reissued the article without the photo and an apology. Once again please accept my apology – Kathy x

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