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Many readers and supporters will recall back in October we shared the horrific tale of Roxy. Many people were so moved by her sad story that they donated money towards her vet bills and care costs.

As you know Roxy was adopted by Emma and her family and last month she had recovered sufficiently to go home and live with them.

Just the other week Roxy paid the KAR office a visit – she brought along Emma, Pixie (Emma’s daughter) and Roxys favourite toy – a little monkey

What a difference a month – or two – makes !!! The photos say it all .

From this ………………….

roxyTo this …………………….

Emma, Pixie (Emma’s daughter) and Roxy's favourite toy - a little monkey
Emma, Pixie (Emma’s daughter) and Roxy’s favourite toy – a little monkey

There is no doubt that Roxy is coming on in leaps and bounds – she no doubt keeps her new family on their toes and is probably a bigger version of her favourite toy – a proper little monkey!

KAR had been contacted by Rod Packer who had set up an online fund to raise money for Roxy – many donations were lodged in the fund – some were from Visla UK supporters – and the money was recently released to KAR.  An amazing £624 was raised.

From this money £120 went towards Roxy’s vet bills and care costs. A warm winter coat has also been purchased for her as Roxy’s hair is still quite fine . We have also got her a few treats as we all think, and are sure that you agree, that she deserves a little spoiling now and then