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Sunday lunch at Panta Restaurant, Çatalköy (Ayios Epiktitos) on 13 November 2016

kathy-newBy Kathy Martin…

Always on the look out for new places to review for Cyprusscene, I was very pleased to see that the Panta Restaurant, in Çatalköy (Ayios Epiktitos) a Traditional Thai, Chinese and Japanese Cuisine place were now offering Sunday lunches.

1-pantaContacted my great friend Sally, who I know loves Thai food and we agreed to meet on Sunday 13th November 2016.

Sally and Kathy

Sally and Kathy

When I arrived, shortly after Sally, she informed me that the only food available was a traditional Sunday lunch. “No problem” once we discovered they are open at lunch time during the week, we just agreed with each other we would come another time, for Sally to have a Thai dish and for me to have some sushi.

We decided to have a Roast Beef (Sally) and Roast Chicken (me). The two course menu (32 tl about £8.24 at today’s rate of 3.88) includes either a starter or sweet with your main meal.

3-pantaToday, the starters were either spring rolls or soup. As both Sally and I know from previous experiences, if we ate the starter, the main meal would suffer, so we requested to take our spring rolls home (as the photo shows we got 2 spring rolls)

The meals came on hot plates and we were both delighted to see that the portion sizes were normal and NOT enormous! A delicious Yorkshire pudding, two beautifully roasted potatoes and a selection of the MOST delicious al dente carrots, green beans and cauliflower. We both commented on how wonderful it was not to have over-cooked vegetables! The gravy came separately in a jug, which allowed us to add much (or little) as we wanted.

4-panta-otto-chefOtto, the Chef, came out to speak to us and to check we were happy with our meal. We were both pleased to confirm we were very happy and would be back again next week. Otto informed us that he roasts a whole chicken and carves the meat (rather than just cooking chicken breasts). Next week he is planning to roast a joint (or two!) of lamb!

My friends know that I have MS and use a walking stick, also that the essential requisite of any restaurant is ease of access to the Ladies. The time came and as I approached them, the most delightful aroma greeted me. There were two cubicles and looked in both! Such a pleasure to see they were beautifully clean!

Our overall opinion is that the other local restaurants will have to be careful as once the word spread my feeling is that “probably” Panta will do very well with their new venture.

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  1. Hello, we met in the hairdressers, (you won’t remember), but try the newly opened Sartaj Restaurant – the old Dolce Vita. We know Zak from before. A great deal of work to be done over the winter, but it will be great addition to Çatalköy.

    • Thanks very much for your comment Iain and yes I remember meeting you at the hairdressers.

      I know the restaurant you mean BUT unfortunately the stairs down into it scare the living daylights out of me and without my husband to help me I cannot bring myself to go there!

      I thought Khan was running it now. If and when they improve the staircase, with a proper rail, etc please let me know and I am VERY HAPPY to go there

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