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The Abnormals 2017 Calendar – available now

By Sue Steel – EFRAR 2017 Committee…….


E.F.R.A.R. 2017

Raising money for TULIPS (Help Those with Cancer)

Once again, The Abnormals have put together a great calendar for 2017 at a cost of 20TL, of which half will go to EFRAR 2017.

The calendar, on sale now from The Venue, The Village Bistro, The Kuzzy Bar all near Esentepe plus Mary and Art Watson and from Susie Quiz Facebook page or by emailing

The calendar shows The Abnormals in their various guises as well as some photographs of their supporters.


The Abnormals with Mary and Art Watson, Lesley Roper and Keith Rickman

The Abnormals, who do a lot of charity work here in North Cyprus, have already done many events for EFRAR 2017 and Tulips.

The Abnormals are comprised of Susie Ford (entertainer and script writer), Martin Ford (entertainer), Annette McCloskey (DJ and entertainer), Andy Cooper (DJ and entertainer), Alison Bone (back room lady) and Clarissa Cooper (Treasurer).  They all work very hard to bring their charity shows together for EFRAR 2017 and Tulips and rehearsals for their Christmas show is going well and more information on where and when will be announced soon.EFRAR and Tulips

Mary Watson, Chair of EFRAR 2017 said: “Without the support of people like The Abnormals, who do all this for free, then EFRAR 2017 and Tulips would not benefit from their hard work and their continuous donations. We thank them wholeheartedly for the enthusiasm and support and look forward to their Christmas Show which is bound to be a sell out.”