December 6, 2022

Urgent Appeal for Blood Donors

“O” Positive Platelets

We have just received news from Steve Collard who manages the Urgent Blood donationBlood Donation SMS appeal system of the following:

John Anderson who is in Lefkosa Hospital and has internal bleeding  urgently needs “O” positive platelets within the next 24 to 48 hours.


Donors should be male and under 50 years of age.


This is a very urgent appeal and potential donors should call  0542 880 0112 to make arrangements to donate..


4 thoughts on “North Cyprus, Blood donation urgently required for John Anderson

  1. Just a quick query…

    Why under 50 years of age? I gave blood for Roy (can’t remember his last name), who was in Kolan recently. There was no problem with my age (53 years).


    Martin Derbyshire


    1. Sorry I cannot answer that Martin although we asked Steve Collard before publishing and this was the specification he was given.

      I think you were referring to our friend Roy Oswick and are delighted that you stepped up to the mark to help him with a donation.

  2. I am not a current blood donor but I believe I’m o rhesus positive please e mail me if you need me kind regards nor x

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