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By Barbara Burton……

Hi All

I wanted to confirm that our next meeting will be on Wednesday 30th November,  and will again be at the Cirali bakery garden cafe in Karakum. GardeningI hope you enjoyed our September meeting there. Patricia has sent me some notes from our last meeting, which are shown below.

For those who are coming to the Argonye herb garden next week on Tuesday the 25th October, Sandy and Steph have asked for you to meet us at Karsiyaka at 9.30am. If you come along the road through Lower Lapta you will see the Tolga Restaurant on your left. Just after you pass this you will see the village square on your right. Sandy tells me that there is a lot of work happening on the square and you will need to park on the left opposite the square.

Sandy and Steph will be there to take the lists and the money and will give directions for us all to get to Gaziveren Village and the Herb Garden. The price will be 65TL, this includes the talk and lunch and also lunch for the speaker.

If you have any problem you can ring me on 0542 8657916 or Sandy 0533 8463528.

With best wishes  – Barbara


Items discussed

Potting compost—always take it out of the bag and break up any lumps. Add in some loam, Perlite and some slow release fertiliser

compost-heapHome made compost– bins or heap? If using bins drill some holes in the sides and bottom and stand on soil, so that any liquid will drain away. Alternate layers with dried material, including shredded personal papers—a good way of not letting others get at your personal details. Three bins are best as you can have one with fresh stuff, one maturing and one ready to use. This is what I use.

Animal Compost—never use it fresh, as there is always ammonia in it. Let it lie for up to a year. There is always the danger of weed seeds.

Stop watering amaryllis bulbs now, so that they can rest. Plant Paperwhites about 6 weeks before Christmas if you want to give them as gifts. Remember to leave the neck and shoulders above the soil level and do not let the bulbs touch each other.tulips-bunch

Wait to plant other bulbs until the soil is moist or they won’t make roots. Tulips can go in last of all, as they flower much later than the narcissus or hyacinths.

Mealy bugs on Hibiscus—Howard uses the finger and thumb method, or you can spray with Neem Azal T/S, which is available in the south.

Woolly Aphids usually infest trees of the apple family (rosa), pyracantha and cotoneaster. Catch them early by stroking them away with methylated spirits. Take off any badly infected stems and leaves and burn them. You may lose some flowers this way. Feed the bush with a good all round fertiliser and keep a watchful eye for them next season. They are extremely difficult to eradicate!