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TRNC Emergency Services deal with an horrific Girne accident

The Friends of the TRNC Emergency Services have been doing a marvellous job of raising funds for the local hospital and emergency services for the last 9 years and Mike and Brenda Plant, the founders, recently witnessed an horrific accident on the Girne by-pass which brought home the need for organisations such as theirs to ensure the ongoing medical equipment so vitally needed in the case of a bad accident as well as for general hospital treatment.1 friends-of-the-trnc-emergency-services-sml

Mike and Brenda sent the following information yesterday (20th October) to stress the need to continue supporting their charity – Friends of the TRNC Emergency Services (112’s)..

“Dear Friends


Mike Plant with Dr Ozan-Orthopaedic Surgeon

Below is a copy of our email sent to Cyprus Today this afternoon and as they will not be able to include it until next week’s issue we felt it was important for you all to see.  It was a horrendous experience and the lady victim was very badly injured.  We did not see the accident take place but it must have been a high speed impact as the victims were thrown many yards apart.  Watching the ambulance team working certainly brought home to us the fact that it is the State services which have to deal with this sort of incident and that your continued support is so vital.


Mike Plant with a former Minister of Health – Dr Ahmet Gulle

Brenda and I have been involved in raising money for the hospital and the emergency services for nine years now and are really grateful for your support of our fund raising events.  Please spread the word to people who are not aware how important the ex-pat contribution is and get them to support the Friends of the TRNC Emergency Services’ (112) fund raising events as you do.  We saw first-hand today how important the vital equipment is and what a difference every contribution makes.

Thank you  –  Mike”


“We were unfortunate enough to come upon the scene of an horrific accident on the Girne By Pass at approximately 1.30 p.m. today (20th October).  We did not witness the actual accident between a motor bike and a car but arrived immediately after it happened.  As trained first responders we went to see if we could help until the emergency services arrived.  Unfortunately the young man involved was already dead (this was confirmed by the ambulance crew when they arrived) and the young woman’s injuries were so grave that we could do little other than make sure she was not moved and do our best to cover her injuries and stay by her side to reassure her as much as possible and we were helped by two Turkish Cypriot gentlemen.  The one thing we had to stress to other bystanders that were keen to help was that unless the victim is in a life threatening situation they should not be moved.

The main point of our writing is to praise the TRNC Emergency Services, the police arrived immediately and the 112 Ambulance arrived within ten minutes.  The ambulance crew handled the situation with immense professionalism using, frac packs, neck brace and back board to ensure no further injury to the victim.  It brought home to us both just how invaluable the support that we receive in raising funds for the Emergency Services is and how we would like to pass on our sincere thanks for that continuing support.,  What a difference we have witnessed in our eleven years in this lovely country.  We can only pray that the female victim of this horrendous incident makes a full recovery.


Mike and Brenda Plant”


Early 112 TRNC emergency training