November 26, 2022

Leaders hold sixth meeting of intensified negotiations

President Mustafa Akıncı met with the Greek Cypriot Leader Nikos Anastasiades yesterday as part of the Cyprus negotiations.

In a statement, Akıncı noted that the intensified negotiations will continue, and forthcoming processes will be planned once the current stage of the negotiations has been assessed.

Akıncı stated that issues of citizenship, residency for EU citizens, legal residency, basic freedoms and the status of third country nationals were discussed at yesterday’s meeting.


Despite the remaining differences on these issues, both sides have agreed on a lot of common ground, Akıncı said. President Akıncı once again highlighted the importance of bi-zonal and bi-communal aspects of any solution.

Issues of legal residency which had already been agreed were also confirmed at the meeting.

President Akıncı said that “the right to legal residence for people from the other constituent state will be 20% of the number of residents in the Turkish Cypriot constituent state; the Turkish Cypriot majority on this side will not be endangered.”

President Mustafa Akıncı noted that issues of free movement and property acquisition had been discussed. Under any agreement, Akıncı stated that there would be individual rights like property rights, but the constituent states will have the right to regulate this.

The current understanding both on the issues of property and population has become mutually understood by both sides, Akıncı said. According to the President, the Turkish Cypriot side should not be concerned about bi-zonality, something which will be important in the upcoming referendum.

Akıncı also pointed out that the information in the South Cyprus press is incomplete concerning the structure of the Federal Police. He added that the number of policemen on both sides – 5,000 on the Greek Cypriot side and 3,100 on the Turkish Cypriot side – had already been previously agreed.

“We did not break this agreement and we want this to continue, so it is equal to 60% to 40%” he said.

Following the seventh meeting which took place today, the Leaders will meet again on the 24th, 26th and 31st October 2016.

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