Frozen Cypriots get together at Buyuk Han, Lefkosa

In Town Tonight, The Frozen Cypriots.

All the way from Melbourne in Australia have come Eren and Sermen Erdogan who have returned to their homeland after 45 years or more to visit friends and relations but also to meet up with members of the Frozen Cypriots group they created.frozen-cypriots-image

The group is based upon a Facebook page and has currently 6,345 members of various nationalities who just love the History and Heritage of Cyprus and share with each other pictures in an endeavour to learn more and preserve it for future generations.

As Eren the Founder of Frozen Cypriots said “we are so excited to be back home meeting family and friends but also visiting the places we used to spend our time in and one of these is the Buyuk Han.

On Thursday 6th October at 17.00 our group will be meeting in the Buyuk Han, Lefkosa (Nicosia) for a private gathering where we plan to have music, dancing plus food and drink which will be made available for those that wish to purchase it.

Although this is a group gathering we will be delighted to welcome visitors who wish to come and meet us  and find out why we love our country so much and of course its heritage.”



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  1. I wish I was in Cyprus for this get together. Frozen Cypriots has an amazing group of people who have so much passion for Cyprus. It transcends the barriers politicians often put up. I wish everyone a great time.

  2. Ismail ! That makes to of us as recently teamed up with Sermen, we have similar interest not only our old friend Ahmet Rasim but our love of flora and fauna, So I am hoping when Sermen returns to Australia he will have some exciting stories for me, I am not frozen but all ears on years gone bye, but never fade, So good luck Erdogan brothers time to warm up and leave your frozen jackets behind. Sermen? one thing steady on the Brandy you know what happened at your birthday party, I wont tell anyone if you do not. Cheers Bob Scott.

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