December 6, 2022

By Kim Betts…….
Kyrenia Animal Rescue……..

Yippee!!! We Did It!!!

Congratulations to everyone. The Kennel Block Refurbishment Project has been a great success and thanks to you all it is completed and is now being used to its full capacity.

Kar kennel Block 1

The project was launched at the end of June 2015 and the building work began in September. Unfortunately we were unable to give the builder an empty building to start as we didn’t have enough room to move the dogs into another area and so it was a case of juggling them around which sometimes held up the work. Also the builders hit many snags as the old building had many more problems than first imagined. Anyway all the problems were eventually overcome and as the builders progressed so we added to their list of jobs. They fitted a sink and donated kitchen units in the end of the block, another kennel was procured from space at the front of the kennel block and a small storeroom built at the rear.

Kar kennel Block 2

Thanks to you all this was all paid for by the sponsorship monies raised. Each of those who have donated will be remembered by ‘a plaque’ which is displayed on the fronts of the kennels.

We would like to invite you all to visit the centre (open daily 9am – 1pm) and see our wonderful newly refurbished Kennel Block and the happy smiley faces of the dogs in their smart new temporary home.

Kar kennel Block 3

KAR header logo

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