December 10, 2022

I published an article about Michael Raine who recently died at his home in Moffat, Scotland, UK.  Michael had lived in North Cyprus for some 20 years and is remembered for his talent in theatre, art, poetry and as a novelist.Michael Raine

I received a telephone message about the death of Michael Raine from Denise Phillips of Bayrak International Radio which prompted me to try and discover something about his life in the TRNC.

Denise had interviewed Michael on her Main Event radio show in October 2014 at which time they discussed his new book “It’s an Ill Wind” as well as his acting and painting talents.   Denise will be re-broadcasting the Main Event interview with Michael on 6th/7th August as a tribute to him.  To see the article about this show click here

I don’t think I ever met Michael so knew nothing about him but with the help of Muriel Clutten I was able to glean some information in order to write a short RIP article for him.

I had some communication with Tony Woods, a long term resident in the TRNC but now living in the UK, and through him I was able to make contact with Muriel.  However, since then Tony has remembered a performance by Michael at an Old Tyme Music Hall event and produced some lovely photographs so I felt it would be a shame not to use these, hence a further tribute to this man of many talents.

Old Tyme Music Hall

There have also been other people who remember Michael and his work and their comments are shown below:

Heidi Trautmann

Under the following link I wrote about his last exhibition at the Public Library Girne in 2012. . You can see here some of his paintings… sorry to hear of his death.   Click here to see Heidi’s article.

Susan Cahit

Michael was also a keen bridge player and founded and ran Kyrenia Bridge Club which met every Wednesday. They were on their Summer break due to re-start in September. He will be greatly missed by all his friends r.i.p. Michael my old friend.

Tony Woods

I attach some photos of Michael in a January Rehearsal for an Old Tyme Music Hall organised by Graham and Francine Ash. Last evening, once Anita mentioned his involvement,  I knew that I had some photos.

Michael Raine - Old Tyme Music Hall

Thank you all for your additional comments and to Tony for the lovely photos.


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