December 8, 2022

by Kim Betts……..
KAR Pet Travel……..

KAR Pet Travel has recently been receiving worried calls from owners who were concerned about how their pets travel plans may be affected following the recent incidents (Ataturk Airport bombing and the very recent attempted Coup). As all of our owners know their pets have to transit Turkey en route to Heathrow (or other EU/World airports) and sometimes that can involve an overnight stop. So it is understandable that they would worry. We explain that the area where the cargo pets are taken to, and stay, is in a separate part of the airport to the passenger terminals. They stay with the Special Cargo Dept until their next flight is ready for boarding.

“Accompanied pets” – travelling to other EU/World destinations or being Imported in the TRNC,  are taken to the luggage hold area – this is still in a safe and secure area with no unauthorised access. From here pets are taken to their onward connecting flights.

KAR Pet Travel

We did have pets ( 3 dogs) who were already waiting at Istanbul  (with the Special Cargo Dept) for their connecting flight when the awful bombing happened. We also had 3 cats (2 from one of the same family as 1 of the Istanbul dogs) who were still in the TRNC but were expecting to be travelling  to Ercan in the afternoon for their UK flights.

It was a worrying time for KAR Pet Travel and the owners but we were able to check on the Istanbul dogs via our Turkish Airlines agent and we were assured that the dogs at Istanbul were fine – their onward flight to the UK was going to be delayed but they were in safe hands in a safe place of the airport – far from the bombing site. The Ercan flights that the others were booked on were still expected to depart on time but we would be informed of any changes that could affect either sets of pets.

Throughout the day we were liaising with Istanbul, Heathrow and the owners.

Kar Pet Travel

Following on from this happily the Istanbul pets left Istanbul a few hours late but arrived safely in the UK –  probably totally unaware of the destruction and tragedy that they had left behind. The other pets ( 3 cats) departed Ercan on time and spent the night with the Special Cargo Dept before continuing onward to Heathrow to re join their families.

Once booked with us our aim is to safely transport your pet with as little stress as possible (for both owner and pet alike) to their destination regardless of whether we are Importing them or Exporting them. We cannot always control circumstances but we will do all that we can to monitor the welfare of the travelling pets and will try to keep owners up to date with any changes or issues surrounding their pets travel.  KAR Pet Travel care because we know how special each and every pet is to every owner.

For further information about pet travel please contact me, Kim on (0090) 533 8694098 or email or


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