TRNC News 21.7.2016 – Akıncı: “If solution not reached in 2016, we may face unforeseen problems in 2017”

President Akıncı: “If a solution is not reached in 2016, we may face unforeseen problems in 2017”

Speaking at the Peace and Freedom celebrations on 20 July, President Akıncı expressed his belief that both sides bear a serious responsibility to find a solution to the Cyprus problem.

President Akıncı said, “In the event we do not find a solution in 2016, initiatives to start drilling for natural gas in early 2017 will result in mounting tension across the island.”

Akinci - Solution

The President affirmed that it is also important for all Turkish Cypriots that Turkey continues to develop as a modern, democratic and secular state, according to the principles of Atatürk. This, he noted, is necessary for stability in the region.

There is an intensive period of negotiations ahead, President Akıncı declared, and there will be 3 more Leaders’ meetings in the last week of July. According to the President, their goal in these meetings is to reach a consensus on the current points of divergence, with a view towards finding a solution by the end of 2016.

Türkeş: “It is not to the benefit of anyone if the Cyprus problem enters an open-ended and unresolved cycle without any timelines”

The Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Tuğrul Türkeş gave a speech on Dr. Fazıl Küçük Avenue as part of the Peace and Freedom Day celebrations.


While noting that the Turkish Peace Operation in 1974 brought stability to the Mediterranean, Mr Türkeş affirmed that “the Cyprus problem is a national challenge that we can overcome by finding a comprehensive solution based on political equality.”

Turkey will continue to support the United Nations’ efforts, Mr Türkeş added. “As a guarantor country, Turkey will continue to support and make constructive contributions in order to advance the negotiations” Mr Türkeş stated.

Mr Türkeş expressed his thanks for being invited to attend the ceremony.

A new world record at the Dawn Watch

A new world record has been set at Yavuz Çıkarma Beach during the 7th Dawn Watch as part of the Peace and Freedom Day celebrations.

Cem Karabay, the first Turkish underwater sportsman to be recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records, broke his own record by spending 142 hours 42 minutes and 42 seconds underwater.

World Record Underwater

When he returned to the surface holding a TRNC flag in one hand and a Turkish flag in the other, he was enthusiastically cheered by the Dawn Watchers and other onlookers.

The President of the Dawn Watch Organization Committee, Fevzi Tanpınar, congratulated Mr Karabay on his achievement and stated that the Dawn Watch is an important tradition.

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