December 10, 2022

42nd Anniversary of Peace and Freedom Day will be celebrated on 20 July

The 42nd Anniversary of Peace and Freedom Day will be celebrated on 20 July with events across the country. Celebrations will be held in Lefkoşa, Gazimağusa, Girne, Güzelyurt and İskele and martyrs will be commemorated.

Peace and Freedom anniversary

The Turkish Navy will open military ships and some submarines to the public as part of the celebrations. The Turkish Stars will also take part in an air display at Girne Harbour.

Cem Karabay, the first Turkish underwater sportsman who has been recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records is to attempt a new world record on the same day.

Karabay will stay under the sea for approximately 6 days, and will be provided with all kinds of necessities such as oxygen, water and food while he is underwater. Karabay is now targeting to break his own world record of 72 hours by spending 142 hours underwater.

 Water from Turkey has reached Middle Mesarya and Yılmazköy

The Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources has announced that water has been supplied from Turkey to a large part of Middle Mesarya and Yılmazköy since yesterday morning.

Water distribution

As part of the TRNC Water Supply Project, which is run by the TRNC Water Department, the water was distributed to Yeniceköy water reserve depot, located in the municipality of Değirmenlik.

The water will also be sent to depots in the municipalities of Değirmenlik Paşaköy, Vadili, İnönü and Serdarlı as well as two villages, Nergisli and Pirhan, in the municipality of Geçitkale.

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