September 30, 2023

By Chris Elliott…….

We all learn by our experiences and if we are smart, we then take experiences good and bad and develop our ideas to maximise their potential and this we have been doing on for the past 4 years.

During this period we have had the pleasure of publishing TV and Radio preview articles for Denise Phillips, Can Gazi and Engin Dervişağa from Bayrak Radio and Television Corporation and from time to time they have interviewed us about a number of our projects.

Denise Philllips Can Gazi and Engin Dervisaga

At about this time 12 months ago we took over North Cyprus the Friendly Forum which had been owned and run by our dear friend Nigel Watson before he passed away. Like many others, I had published in his forum but on being asked to take it over I soon discovered that it was a system that I did not understand but with help from a number of people we redeveloped it to a point where we Nigel Watsonrealized we had made many improvements but it had some serious issues we could not overcome, so about 6 months ago we decided to start from scratch and rebuild it in Nigel’s memory and for all of those folk who had previously followed his forum.

Using the WordPress system which we were very comfortable with, we created a new North Cyprus Forum which would  also take full news and reviews articles from cyprusscene and other partner websites.

We then added a forum section and have slowly but surely been growing its friendly membership despite massive registration attempts by undesirable and dangerous individuals and I can only thank our security system and expert moderator who deals with these issues.

The questions we are always asked are “why do you share news so widely?” Our activities are still very much an all consuming hobby and we just love to share community news and reviews for people in as many places as possible to give the news provider with the greatest gain possible.

For us to try to publish exclusive news and reviews in one internet media source simply restricts the news to a smaller readership which does not help the provider.

People often say to me “why place the news in more than one place” and my reply is we all have a preference for everything we consume including where we read the news and may become brand loyal, so if the news is duplicated in many locations then the maximum number of people may be reached.

I invite you to watch the following Vox Pop interview by Engin Dervişağa for BRT2 Television when we talked to him and he asked many questions which we hope will tell you more of our efforts to bring your news and reviews to a worldwide readership through and North Cyprus the Friendly Forum.

For those readers who would like to join North Cyprus Forum the Friendly Forum please click here

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