By Chris Elliott……

Friday the 24 June the world woke up to the unbelievable news that a referendum in the UK had returned a majority vote to leave the EU.

In the following 3 days we saw signs of not only UK but international financial losses with rampant suggestions where the misery may or may not end.

The EU fearful of an Exit contagion, demanded that the UK initiate article 50 by no later than 28th June and proved the point that they are political bullies. Following the Brexit vote Prime Minister David Cameron announced he would stand down and be on hand until a new Prime Minister was elected who would have the responsibility of enacting article 50.  News from London now  is that a new Prime Minister will be elected and in place by early September so it seems the EU will have to grin and bear it which will give them time to put right some of their failings which may please some of the other exit minded countries.


If that was not enough uncertainty, many other spanners were thrown in the works with the British Labour party going into meltdown with many shadow front benchers resigning in protest at the poor leadership of their leader. Now it was the time of Scotland to start dreaming again of becoming a separate country and then from Northern Ireland mutterings of perhaps joining with Eire. OMG many people were saying where will it end.  The truth is – no one knows.

So from 2,200 odd miles away in North Cyprus what perhaps are expats and others thinking about this European sideshow?

If the UK large or small leaves the EU will the south of Cyprus turn screws on the UK expats and perhaps even jump on the hobby horse of demanding the British leave their military bases and then who would South Cyprus offer them to – Russia, China, France, Israel and the list goes on.

Seeing the US running around trying to get the UK and the EU talking amicably to each other there are many more issues than were at first apparent.

So what of dear old North Cyprus which has continued to ask for a fair hand from the UK, the EU and so many others only to be ignored for 50 plus years. Well they have continued with good faith to negotiate for a settlement of the Cyprus problem with the other side moving the goal posts and for what reward? EU membership??

Do they still want to be in the EU? Let’s throw another spanner in the works as everyone else is acting like mad hatters.

Cyprus Brexit

Firstly massive quantities of piped water are due to flow round the TRNC very soon and much of it will be used to help boost the agricultural industry. Just imagine oranges, lemons, curved bananas, melons, strawberries, olives, potatoes, tomatoes and many more salad items will be grown and then we have Hellim, Turkish Yogurt and Turkish Delight. So what could we do with it, well why not offer to supply the UK as they will be looking for new trading partners and we have a spare airport at Geçitkale mothballed and just waiting to be turned into a transport hub.

Ercan airport is fast being expanded to become an unrecognised international standard airport as we speak and offers could be made to the UK as departing EU member to start direct flights with tourists, imports and exports flowing in both directions.

With many in the UK saying they should be given special treatment or deals by the EU after barely one week of a UK Brexit vote, the Turkish Cypriots are entitled after 50 years of broken promises from the EU and the UK to fair treatment, unless suggestions of the EU being a Christian Club are nearer to the truth than they would have us believe.

A mad hatters dream perhaps, but with the mad hatters tea party currently in progress we may even see the TRNC offer many fine buildings and good low cost workers to the International Banking Sector and others, if they decide to depart from the UK.