December 5, 2022

We were delighted to receive news from Hatice Sahli Kerimgil of a young Turkish Cypriot girl who was born in the UK and who was chosen to lead an Demet EkmekciogluRAF Air Cadets squad to a memorial place on Sunday 12th June, where wreaths were to be laid and she was to read a Poem of War and express remembrance of all of those who have fallen for their country.

Clearly on a special day like this Demet Ekmekcioglu’s mother,  Mine Beyzade and father, Salih Ekmekcioglu must be very proud of their daughter’s ongoing achievements and we hope to bring more news soon but in the meanwhile we leave it to her mother Mine, to tell us more of her daughter’s very special day.

“The honourable duty today begins for one lady who has been recognised by RAF HQ, UK as a future leader of the ATO 2013 and 2014 at the  age of 15 and  16 –  she started training at RAF Halton and Cranwell Air Training College and received her BTEC Aviation DIPLOMA Level 2 although still  studying Level 3 AAT Accounts at the same time ..

Today, Sunday 12th June, as RAF Cadet Aircrew Sergeant, Demet will be leading the Herts County procession along with her squad Demet Ekmekcioglu on paradeand performing  in front of dignitaries and many war heroes attending the HRH Majesty the Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebrations parade. Many dignitaries have come forward to congratulate myself for bringing up such a high standard future leader.

As Demet’s mum I can only say, life is a struggle but we only do what’s best for our kids’ future, guiding and providing what we can. I have many great friends and family who have been supporting Demet’s upbringing. Special people who have supported and taken part in Demet’s growing up to achieve what she has today.

She will be a great leader in representing Herts County for this very once in a lifetime special occasion.

I wish my daughter Demet the very best and will always stand by her decisions as the duty of the day begins.

Mine Beyzade”

Demet Ekmekcioglu and her squad

Demet Ekmekcioglu and her squad



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