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Alpet help KAR pets

By Kim Betts – Kyrenia Animal Rescue…..

It is so nice to see that it is not just food, toys etc that companies can donate to help the cats and dogs at KAR.

ALPET help KAR pets !

KAR were visited recently by Turan Atas the Deputy Manager, Retail Sales Department, of Altinbas Petrol Ltd (Alpet petrol stations) who wanted to know if they could help KAR in any way. Following meetings at the KAR Rescue Centre and discussions between Margaret Ray and Turan Atas, Alpet have signed an agreement with KAR to donate 500TL of fuel a month until the end of 2016.

Turan Atas and Margaret Ray

Turan Atas and Margaret Ray

KAR has five vehicles on the road, taking/collecting cats and dogs to the vets, collecting donated food from various establishments, cat catching and following up on reports made to the office etc, and the running costs and maintenance of these vehicles is a large drain on resources.

KAR are very grateful to Alpet for their very kind donation and support – it will certainly help with some of the vehicle costs which will in turn help the KAR cats and dogs.