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SOS Children’s Village says “Little Hearts Need A Mother’s Love”

With the slogan, “Little Hearts Needs A Mother’s Love”, SOS Children’s Village is appealing for donations during the month of Ramadan. As part of the campaign, the organisation is sharing a story, written by an SOS Mother in her own words, about two young sisters and their psychological development since coming to SOS Children’s Village.

In her letter to the public, SOS Mother Zehra expresses her happiness at how far one of the sisters has come, thanks to the donations and support of the public.

“One year has passed,” Zehra writes.

“I stare at the pictures she drew when she first came into my life. She has grown so much! My infant child who didn’t even know how to speak is now calling me ‘mummy’ and shares every little thing with me.”

Zerha said Little Hearts Need A Mother’s Love

“…We did this together! …With every donation you make, your heart can be peaceful with the thought that you bring happiness and peace to a child.”

Today, SOS Children’s Village is providing family care and support for 257 children, under its various on-going programmes. By responding to the innocent wishes of children in Ramadan, the public can help give maternal care to more children.

A 20 TL donation can help shape the future of children in the country who have lost family care.

How To Donate


Donations can be made to the accounts of banks below:

  • TürkBankası: TL 015848733, STG 7092674
  • LimasolTürkKooperatifBankası: TL 600318, STG 700694

Little Hearts Need A Mother’s Love

Little Hearts Need A Mother’s Love