May 31, 2023

By KarsiyakaKaren…..

So this update stays in Alsancak (note to self to broaden my horizons a bit and go a bit further afield for the next update!), and we find ourselves at “Açmenya” to partake of that good old English tradition “The Sunday Dinner”. Now I have to be honest and say I think there is something a little bit wrong about basking in the sunshine and then ambling inside for a huge roast dinner. I think a roast just goes better with rain and clouds but maybe that is just me, because the place was very busy. The roast dinner forms part of the British heritage and it seems we are mad for it wherever in the world we are.


The “Açmenya” comes in two parts there is a patisserie and snack bar (which has a children’s playground area attached). Thinking ahead for when the grandchildren arrive in a few weeks’ time this is definitely going to be on the “places to go list” when I need to pay the kids off to give me half an hour’s peace to regain my sanity! The playground and amusements are not in the same league as Blackpool and are aimed at the younger children with rides and slides and swings etc. There was also a trampoline section which may keep the older kids off their mobile phones for a nanosecond.

am pattisserie

Now, (my Turkish teacher will be so proud)  “Aç” is the Turkish word for hungry and I am guessing that “menya” has something to do with “menu” so the translation is something like “to the hungry menu”!  Açmenya sounds so much more romantic than its translation. It is also a bit ironic because I couldn’t see a menu anywhere when I visited the patisserie…..loads of cakes and a big sign outside proclaiming English breakfast/burgers/pizza….and also a “farm” breakfast. Sounds intriguing, I would like to know more but alas the Açmenya is forever (fondly) renamed in our house “no bloody menu”.  Anyway, I plumped for a strawberry milkshake and (at 10TL)  it really hit the spot on a sunny morning whilst taking a break from the drudgery of shopping.

am frame kids

Now back to the Sunday Dinner which is served in the other part of “Açmenya” a large and airy restaurant and at 25TL for three courses it came up trumps on the value for money stakes. There was a choice of starters (prawn cocktail, soup, pate) and a choice of meat for the main course.  A selection of potatoes and vegetables came in a glass dish so everyone could help themselves – a touch I liked. The other part I liked was the self-service desserts laid out on a table so you could help yourself with tea, coffee and brandy also on the table. Although when we approached for our desserts I was almost rugby tackled by him indoors who had spotted the last piece of chocolate gateau winking at him.

The Açmenya can be found by turning up the road at the side of the Golden Lady statue and then taking the first left (signposted Malatya). The restaurant is on the right about 400 yards up this road.


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