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Racists in the Greek Cypriot Parliament

Greek Cypriot terrorist organization ELAM, which is supported by the Church, doubled the amount of vote rates compared to the previous parliamentary elections and won two seats in the parliament.

Racists in GC Parliament

Yorgos Lillikas’ political party Citizens Alliance and Eleni Theoharus’s Solidarity Movement, which separated from DISI and joined the Ecologists, won 3 seats in the parliament.

Although the Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiades’ party DISI, which has a high likelihood to say “yes” to a possible referendum, and AKEL completed the elections in top places, these two parties that support a federal solution lost votes in total of around 10%  compared to the previous general election.

There were 542,915 registered voters in the election in which 12 political parties and alliances ran. The Greek Cypriot High Electoral Board announced that the election turnout was 67.37%. The election turnout in the parliamentary election in 2011 was 78.70%.

According to the first election results, DISI received 30.68%, AKEL 25.67%, DIKO 14.49%, EDEK 6.18%, Citizens Alliance 6.01%, Solidarity Movement 5.24%, Ecologists and Citizens Cooperation 4.81%, and lastly ELAM received 3.71% of the votes.

Ban: “Cyprus gives me hope for the future”

Stating that positive developments are being reached with mutual trust and good will, the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said that this situation is encouraging to himself.

Ban ki Moon

Responding to the questions of the AA reporter before attending the Humanitarian World Summit in İstanbul, Ban Ki-moon indicated that two Cypriot leaders Nikos Anastasiades and Mustafa Akıncı have conducted negotiations for a year on very important issues for both communities.  Ban said, the “Leaders’ joint declaration on the anniversary of the negotiations concerning their will to work hard in order to reach a comprehensive settlement in 2016 is encouraging me.”

Emphasizing that he came from a divided country, Ban said: “As a person who came from a divided country – Korea, Cyprus is giving me hope for the future. Cyprus’s reunification in a peaceful manner will bring economic and political benefits to the island and will contribute for stability and cooperation in the region. Both the EU, and myself will support these efforts on the basis of the ideology that Cypriots are to decide the future of Cyprus.”

Akıncı: “Next seven months are very important to establish a bi-communal bi-zonal federal structure”

Speaking at an event, President Akıncı said that the process from today until end of the year has a vital importance.

Pointing out the parliamentary elections in South Cyprus, President Mustafa Akıncı said that the forthcoming process, including the next seven months of this year, has a vital importance.

Akinci - next 7 months

Akıncı continued as follows:

“The next 7 months is an important period of time to establish a bi-zonal, bi-communal federal structure that we will live in political willingness, determination, equality and freedom. I promise that I will use this period in the best way on behalf of my people and I hope that the Greek Cypriot side will act in the same direction and we will reach a new future together.”

Akıncı: “Cyprus problem came to a saturation point”

President Mustafa Akıncı stated that everything has a saturation point, and the Cyprus problem has long reached such a point.

In his speech during one of his receptions Akıncı pointed out that 2016 is a really important year and said that significant and crucial periods have come and gone in the past, and may come in the future. Akıncı added:

Akinci - Saturation point

“Everything has a saturation point and the Cyprus problem has long reached such a point. I believe that 2016 is the year of over saturation. When I think what may happen after this year, we might as well be squashing water. If we go into 2017 and we are still trying to negotiate, in 2018 the Greek Cypriot side will have presidential elections and they will live in that context. If nothing happens in 2018 and talks flow into 2019, this will drag on for too long.”

Akıncı also noted that this is why he believes all sides must realize the importance of the coming seven months ahead of them.

On the other hand; Akıncı stated: “They as the two leaders will work with all their strength for a solution in June and July, the framework of which is referring to a bi-zonal, bi-communal federation, as agreed in the February 2014 joint declaration. This is the achievable, reasonable, and to–date officially acceptable framework.”

Harmancı is in İstanbul for “World Humanitarian Summit”

Lefkoşa Turkish Municipality (LTB) Mayor Mehmet Harmancı is going to attend the World Humanitarian Summit which will be organized by the United Nations in İstanbul on 23-24 May, 2016.

World Humanitarian Summit

Roadmap of the global humanitarian policy and action strategies will be determined at the first-ever World Humanitarian Summit which is taking place in İstanbul on 23-24 May 2016 hosted by İstanbul.

The Mayor Harmancı has received an invitation both from the UN and İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality Kadir Topbaş for the “World Humanitarian Summit” to which 120 UN member states, 50 heads of states and governments and 6,000  general participants are invited from all over the world.

Harmancı, who is invited by the UN Assistant Secretary General for Humanitarian Issues Stefan O’Brien, will also attend the council meeting during the summit.

Talat: “I will not be a candidate in the Congress”

In his speech at the Congress for Constitution yesterday, the leader of the Republican Turkish Party (CTP) Mehmet Ali Talat has announced that he will not be a candidate in Congress for the General Presidency which will be held in November.

Mehmet Ali Talat

Stating that his most important aim was to provide unity and integrity of the party when he turned back to the party presidency about a year ago, Talat said that they were close to this aim. Talat also stressed that there is a distrust in politics among the community and this needs to be eradicated.

Mentioning that he hopes and expects to ensure the power in the party by revolutionising in the country and coming to power alone, Talat stated that he does not need to become a party leader in order to complete the mission and he noted that his mission has already been continuing.

Two more Noratlas Aircraft have been found

It was stated that Greek Cypriot authorities have found two more Noratlas type transport aircraft, which belonged to Greek Air Forces, at the old Nicosia International Airport in the buffer zone.

2 more Noratlas planes

Greek Cypriot daily Politis reported that a person who was working at Nicosia Airport as an electrician in 1974 informed Greek Cypriot Presidential Commissioner for Humanitarian Issues, Fotis Fotiu and as a result of his information, the two Noratlas aircraft have been found.

Politis also reported that the two Noratlas type aircraft which took part in the “Niki” operation conducted on 21 July 1974 and were brought down by friendly fire with their crew and commandoes who succeeded in landing but it was not possible to fly again due to the damage   and the aircraft were buried after an armed conflict.

It was also stated that excavations to determine the identities of those who lost their lives on the Noratlas aircraft, which was brought down by friendly fire and buried at the Greek military cemetery in 1974, are still continuing.

Difficult political landscape for Cyprus talks

The parliamentary elections held on Sunday produced a number of ‘firsts’ for South Cyprus, none of which are good for the minority Democratic Rally (DISY) administration or the main opposition Progressive Party of Working People (AKEL), according to the article published in the internet newspaper “In- Cyprus.”

Political landscape

Another shock was the record number of abstentions – 32.63% — which helped change the shape of South Cyprus politics, the newspaper stressed. “It is the first time in recent history that the two biggest parties received considerably less than two-thirds of the vote. Final results gave them a combined 56.36%–30.69% for DISY and 25.67% for AKEL.”

“This is a far cry from the 67% that they have been used to and reflects general dissatisfaction with what the main parties had to offer”.

“In-Cyprus” also stressed that, related to the drop in support for the main parties, it is the first time that so many parties (eight) will be represented in South Cyprus parliament.

Tough for the economy and the Cyprus problem:

According to “In-Cyprus”, things are not going to be easy for DISY because, at the time of writing, it looked like DISY will have dropped one seat to 19, from the previous 20.

“Another first, therefore, is that the administration of the day will need the support of at least three parties to get legislation through – unless there is an unlikely grand coalition with AKEL.

Relying on at least three parties will make it tough to pass economy-related legislation, such as the reform of public-sector wages and related rules on merit-based promotions.

With all the smaller parties against the administration – DISY and AKEL support the peace process – there will be little unity on efforts to solve the Cyprus problem.”

On the other hand, representation of the far–right ELAM in the parliament for the first time is the biggest shock of the election according to the newspaper. Despite efforts to keep them out by increasing the threshold, they scraped past it with 3.71% of the vote.”

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