December 5, 2022

Joint Statement from the leaders

The two leaders issued a joint statement on the first anniversary of the restart of the Cyprus negotiations. President Mustafa Akıncı and the Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiades emphasized that they will intensify their efforts in the coming months in order to reach a comprehensive settlement in Cyprus in 2016. Although there are some difficulties and differences in the negotiating process, the leaders stated that they are determined to show the necessary will and the courage to overcome the remaining issues.

The United Nations Secretary-General’s Good Offices Mission in Cyprus shared the joint statement on the first anniversary of the talks between President Mustafa Akıncı and the Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiades.

Anastasiades and Akinci joint statement

The joint statement of the leaders is as follows:

“Today marks the first anniversary of our talks as the two Leaders as well as our commitment to work tirelessly to reach a comprehensive settlement of the Cyprus question on the basis of the Joint Statement of February 2014.

This has been a year of intensive negotiations and we, as the two Leaders, would like to express our satisfaction with the essential progress that has been achieved to date. Although there are still difficulties and differences, we are determined to show the necessary will and courage to overcome the remaining outstanding issues.

During the past year, while taking into account the concerns of our own community, we have also done our utmost to show respect to the rights of the other. Our common goal is a win-win solution that will take into account the concerns and rights of all in a future united Cyprus.

We would like to recall our joint belief that a just and lasting settlement will not only bring peace and prosperity to Cyprus but will also set a good example and contribute to stability and cooperation in the region.

We also would like to underline our commitment to intensify our efforts in the coming months with the aim of reaching a comprehensive settlement agreement within 2016.”

Akıncı: “We should recognize the common interest that will be brought by peace and settlement in Cyprus”

Pointing out that “the common interest of peace and settlement in Cyprus should be recognized by focusing on the big picture,” President Akıncı said, “Therefore, as leaders we have to look after our own people’s legitimate rights and interests, at the same time we should consider other society’s sensitivities as well.

Akinci - common interest

Speaking at the Global Leadership Forum, President Akıncı stated that the main theme of the forum is “Global Development and Polarization: Contemporary Quest for Renewal” is a brief summary of the situation that they are in.

Stating that he has been continuing the negotiations with Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiades since 15 May 2015,  Akıncı said, “Negotiations were different in the past. The parties continuously repeated their positions and accused each other. But now, we are trying to understand each other instead of accusation. New perspectives can be created and solutions can be found in this way. Our greatest wish is to use the next coming months efficiently and to build a new future which both communities deserve.  We will set an important example for the region and for the world if we can achieve this.”

Turkish Cypriots attacked – “We barely escaped”

Turkish Cypriots were attacked by Greek Cypriots in South Cyprus. Can Kürşat and his two friends who crossed to South Cyprus yesterday were attacked by 100 -150 Greek Cypriots. Kürşat and his friends in the car barely escaped with their lives.  Kürşat’s car was also damaged by the Greek Cypriot attackers.

The Greek Cypriots who were holding Greek and APOEL flags attacked Kürşat’s car while they were waiting at the red light on Makarios Street, one of the most crowded streets of Nicosia. No intervention was made by the other Greek Cypriots who were around in order to stop the attackers while Kürşat’s car was being damaged by kicks.

Damaged car by GC's

Although the attack occurred while they were waiting at the red light in front of the Greek Cypriot police station, no intervention was made in order to prevent the attack. Kürşat and his friends Ali Şonya and Cenk Hasan made statements to “Haberal Kıbrıslı” newspaper. They said, “We were attacked by 100-150 people. They opened the doors and tried to pull us out.  We barely escaped. The car’s bodywork was damaged because of the kicks. There were tens of people around but nobody did anything. If we had not been able to escape we would now be hospitalized.”

Although Kürşat and his friends complained to British police, they got the response that “This is not our duty.”

Kürşat also complained to Lefkoşa Police Department right after he crossed to the TRNC, and added that he will complain to the Greek Cypriot police as well.

Kürşat said, “They should do the necessary to find the attackers. It happened in front of the police station. Such terrorist attacks are unacceptable in this period. Such crimes should not remain unpunished, because such attacks can increase as long as they remain unpunished.”

DISI is the first party

Greek Cypriot Daily Politis reported that according to the poll conducted by the Greek Cypriot Radio and Television Corporation (RIK), Greek Cypriot political party DISI is the first party with a rate of 24.5%. Politis also reported that AKEL is the second party with a rate of 20%, and it increased its voting rate compared to the previous poll of RIK.

DISI 1st party

Furthermore, it was reported that DIKO is the third party with a rate of 9%, EDEK and Solidarity Movement and Citizens Alliance have 3.5% voting rate, Environmentalists follows with the rate of 3% and ELAM with the rate of 1.5%.

PIO logoSource: TRNC Public Information Office –

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