May 31, 2023

By Carole King and Sue Tilt…..

On Saturday 7th May the Sh-Boom Bar in Alsancak, put on “The Half Monty” to raise money for Tulips/Help Those with Cancer Association.  Around 90 people attended the event and a great evening was had by all.

The Monty performers were as follows:

Dave Mancini (who was also the DJ plus the main Monty guy!)Thw Half Monty image
Mustafa Ekinci
Savaş Tay
Ali şahin
Çetin Peler

The Monty performers danced and the audience donated money for them to take off their tie, their shirt etc, and at the end of the show all the men were left with just their pink boxer shorts on.  Great show guys and a fantastic 1,000TL was raised just from this part of the event.  Everybody had a great time watching the performers entering into the spirit of the event……

Further money was raised from:

Ticket sales 1,085TL
Çetins Peler’s waxing 100TL (ouch!!)
Raffle 530TL (top prize being a Third Party Car Insurance).
Donated handbag from Çetin Peler auctioned for 230tl

Tulips logo englishMaking a final total amount of 3,000TL

an amazing result and a huge thank you to all.

We would like to thank the Sh-Boom Bar, Çetin Peler, Susan Janet, DJ Martin and all the Monty performers.  A special thanks goes to Morag Bruce for organising the event, to the sponsors for their generosity and also to everybody that contributed on the night.


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