December 10, 2022

By Brenda Fletcher…..

On 10th May I travelled to Lefkoşa to renew, once again, my residency permit, the past two years have flown by. The process was virtually seam free as there is now a ticket machine installed and a numbered index in the waiting room. After approximately 20 minutes my number was called and the paperwork sorted.Residency

Applicants need to note that you need copies of passport and previous permit stamp, deeds or tenancy contract, a letter from your local Muhtar and a local Bank statement.  This is an enormous improvement from the original times when you applied in a ‘grotty’ office building by the bus station, having negotiated three crowded floors. Those were the days and, thankfully, the improvements are appreciated.

My point is that, having lived here for 12 years plus, why am I still considered as a visitor so stated by the stamp in my passport. This is my home, I don’t have a property elsewhere, and I do not intend living anywhere else!!!

I really do think that long term expat residents in North Cyprus should, at least, be offered a 5 year residency.   After all you can obtain a 10 year driving licence!!


3 thoughts on “North Cyprus – Renewing Residency Permit

  1. Excellent news about new number machine – also I totally agree about the chance to have a five year residency – my only home is here and I have not intention of living anywhere else!

  2. Been doing it for 14yrs . Heard if you are over 60 you don’t have to do it is this True ?

    1. Thank you for your comment. Yes we understand if you are over 60 you don’t need a residency permit but like many others, personally I feel more comfortable with the stamp in my passport as there still seems to be some confusion as to whether the regulation is permanent.

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