December 10, 2022

By Sue Steel – EFRAR Committee 2016…..


E.F.R.A.R. 2016

Raising money for TULIPS (Help Those with Cancer)

The EFRAR 2016 Committee is delighted to announce they have beaten the total raised last year with a staggering final total for 2016 of 192,863TL.

Chairman, Art Watson commented: “We wondered how we could possibly raise more than we did in 2015 but we have. Obviously, the very generous donation by the businessmen consortium went a long way to making it a remarkable total but we should also mention Kai Fletcher, our 14 year old Carrington Shield winner, who raised almost 19,000TL, Raziye Kocaïsmaïl who personally raised 27,000TL and the friends of Marian Stokes who donated 9,300TL.

EFRAR Final Total

Mr Watson went on to say: “It is remarkable to think we have raised over 507,000TL since 2011 but  we had more sponsors than ever this year donating more money and we owe them a debt of gratitude for yet again supporting EFRAR. Times are financially hard for most people in this time of austerity but people keep on giving. We want to thank all of our sponsors, large or small, everyone who contributed in any way whatsoever, there are too many to mention individually but they know who they are. We have to give a special mention to our main sponsors, Carringtons Group, who have given all kinds of support since 2011 and without whom the race would not be the race it is today.

The planning for the EFRAR begins in September of the preceding year and it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to keep ideas flowing and spirits high but the Committee are fully committed to supporting Help Those with Cancer Association (Tulips).

Will we exceed this total next year?  Who knows, but we will try our utmost and with the continued support of our generous sponsors and the community anything is achievable”.

EFRAR and Tulips

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