TRNC News 3rd May 2016 – Siber: “Mutual relations between parliaments contribute to friendship and peace”


Siber: “Mutual relations between parliaments contribute to friendship and peace”

Speaker of the Assembly Sibel Siber received Azeri Independent Deputy Ganira Pashayeva who is having contacts in the TRNC. Siber expressed that mutual relations between Azerbaijan and TRNC will contribute to a solution despite the intervention of some countries.

Sibel Siber - friendship and peace

Siber also stressed that mutual relations between the parliaments of the two countries are very important in terms of Turkish Cypriots’ expressing themselves.

Furthermore, in her speech, Azeri Independent Deputy Ganira Pashayeva said that mutual relations have great importance for developing the relations between the two countries, adding that they are struggling for the Turkish Cypriots in the European Council and in the other foreign representations as well. Pashayeva also added that she will make efforts for establishment of friendship groups in both parliaments. Mentioning the issue of embargoes, Pashayeva said that Turkish Cypriots showed their will for a solution, adding that continuation of embargoes is not fair.

Özgürgün: “Azerbaijan people and the TRNC people are the inseparable parts of a nation

Receiving the Azerbaijan parliamentarian Ganira Pashayeva, Prime Minister Hüseyin Özgürgün pointed out that the Azerbaijan people and the TRNC people are the inseparable parts of a nation.

Ozgurgun - Azerbaijan people

Mentioning the brotherhood ties between the two countries, Özgürgün said, “We also want to pay a visit to Azerbaijan.”  Stating that they are aware of the difficulties that the TRNC faced, Azerbaijan Parliamentarian Ganira Pashayeva said that they experienced similar difficulties. Pashayeva added that they are always ready to help the TRNC.

Pashayeva was also received by the 3rd President Derviş Eroğlu. Eroğlu and Pashayeva exchanged views on the issues related to Cyprus and Azerbaijan.

Akıncı submitted the Election and Referendum (Amendment) Law to the parliament

Akinci - Election and Referendum law

The Election and Referendum (Amendment) Law was submitted to the Parliament by President Akıncı in order to revise the law text in a way that clearly explains the objective and to create the opportunity to provide constitutionality of two articles where the unconstitutionality can be argued.

A seminar entitled “European Union Technical Legislation Implementation” was held

The “European Union Technical Legislation Implementation” seminar which was organised by the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce (TCCC) in cooperation with Turkish Ministry for EU Affairs and the TRNC EU Coordination Centre was held.

TCCC seminar

In his speech the President of Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce Fikri Toros stated that the EU criteria, norms and implementations gained an importance not only in the north but also in the whole of Cyprus with the one-sided EU membership of the “Republic of Cyprus” and the suspension of the EU acquis until a solution in the north.

Mentioning that in the last 12 years, the EU Acquis Harmonization Work and the implementation of the legislation process could not gain an acceleration as they wished, Toros emphasized that the Greek Cypriot side had experience due to EU membership.

On the other hand; in her speech, İzge Arısal from the EU Coordination Centre  indicated that today intensive works have been started in order to put forward what should be done for increasing the competitiveness of the Cyprus Turkish economy in the “Federal Cyprus Economy” as well as in the EU single market.

In his turn the Director of Regional Policies of the Turkish Ministry for EU Affairs Kayhan Özüm stated that their mission is to direct the EU accession process of Turkey, to ensure the internal coordination between public institutions and to increase social responsibility.

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