TRNC News 2nd May 2016 – 1st May Labour Day jointly celebrated


1st of May Labour Day jointly celebrated

A bi-communal event was organized in order to celebrate the “1st of May Labour Day” at the Çetinkaya football pitch located in the buffer zone.

Labour Day is celebrated every year in memory of the working class who struggled 130 years ago for an eight hour working day and humane working conditions.

Labour Day jointly celebrated

Some political parties and the members of some organizations attended the meeting which was organized by the World Trade Unions Federation members including Dev-İs, BES, PEO, Koop-Sen and KTOEÖS and non- governmental organizations.

2nd President and CTP leader Mehmet Ali Talat, TDP leader Cemal Özyiğit, BKP leader İzzet İzcan, some CTP and TDP deputies and mayors also attended the event.

Speaking at the event Dev-İs President Hasan Felek and PEO Secretary General Pambis Kritsis emphasized a federal solution in Cyprus.

Akıncı wished to celebrate the next Labour Day in an environment of work safety

President Mustafa Akıncı wished a future in which the “1st of May” will be celebrated proudly in an environment of work safety.

Mustafa Akinci

Emphasizing the workers’ life safety in his message for the 1st of May Labour Day, President Akıncı said “1,231 workers were injured and 36 workers lost their lives in work accidents in the last 5 years.”

Pointing out that 3 workers lost their lives in work accidents in the first 4 months of 2016, President Akıncı wished to celebrate the next “Labour Day” proudly in occupational safety.

Özgürgün: “Supporting the working life is among the priorities of the government”

In his message issued for the “1st of May Labour Day”, Prime Minister Hüseyin Özgürgün stated that supporting the working life in the country is amongst the priorities of the government.

Huseyin Ozgurgun

“I congratulate 1st of May Labour Day of my people especially of the workers and wish this day to be a celebration in a bairam atmosphere” Özgürgün expressed.

Adding that the working conditions, rights, laws and freedom in the country are compatible with the world’s standards, Prime Minister Özgürgün expressed that works are continuing to improve the working conditions.

Furthermore, Özgürgün expressed that they are aware of the importance of labour and production for the economic development that is why their priority is to support the working life in the country.

Ankara visits of Özgürgün and Denktaş postponed

Ankara visits postponed

It was stated that in addition to Prime Minister Hüseyin Özgürgün’s Ankara visit, the visits to Ankara of Deputy Prime Minister Serdar Denktaş and the Minister of Economy and Energy Sunat Atun, to hold meetings about the economic protocol to be signed between Turkey and the TRNC, have been postponed.

Anastasiades: “Obstacles will be overcome for the solution to the Cyprus problem in 2016

In his statement to the Greek weekly newspaper Kathimerini, the Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiades stated that obstacles will be overcome for the solution to the Cyprus problem in 2016.

Nikos Anastasiades

Mentioning that the Cyprus problem is not an issue of giving an impression, instead it is an essential issue, Anastasiades said that the aim is to achieve a settlement from the beginning of their dialogue.

On the other hand; Anastasiades emphasized that malicious intentions did not serve this aim and he added that is why, the election will be held without cancelling the negotiations for the first time for 42 years.

Furthermore, Anastasiades stated that a development has been reached and the negotiations have been continuing in an atmosphere of mutual understanding. Replying to a question regarding if there is still a chemistry between the leaders, the Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiades said: “Even if we think differently on some issues with Akıncı; yes, there is a chemistry between us.”

Primitive ban from Eurovision

At the Eurovision 2016 song contest to be held in May in the Swedish capital Stockholm, the regional flags of the TRNC, Palestine and Kosovo have been banned.

Eurovision ban on flags

According to the statement of the official website of the Stockholm Globe Arena concert hall, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Palestine and Kosovo flags are among the banned flags during the contest due to not being state flags.

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