June 3, 2023

By Kyrenia Animal Rescue…….

KAR want to warn ALL pet owners to be very aware of snakes now.

We have had several reports of pets being bitten by snakes over the last few days, in many areas, and there have been sightings up at our Rescue Centre. The most dangerous for your pets (and you) is the Blunt Nose Viper.

IF your pet gets bitten ..please immobilise the pet, to reduce blood flow taking the poison around the body,  and get it to a vet as soon as possible for treatment.

Preventative measures may help to deter snakes from your garden — these include putting water bowls/containers around your perimeter as the snakes often enter properties looking for Blunt-nosed-viperwater (pool owners be extra cautious) – if the water is at the perimeter they may not venture into the garden. Also lime powder can be used as a barrier along perimeters boundaries (however you need to be sure that you have no snakes already in the garden or you will effectively be trapping them in !!). Common places for them to hide include under wood piles, in stone walls with cementing missing, under/in storage areas, under water tanks.

Just please, please be careful and try to stop your pets mooching and investigating in places that could hide a snake !!

The KAR Rescue Centre is currently on high alert for snakes and measures have been taken to reduce the risk HOWEVER whilst dog walking is still possible – all dogs should now only be walked if they are kept on a lead .  If the situation changes we will let you know.


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