May 31, 2023


Akıncı: “‘Making 25,000 people citizens is out of the question”

In his speech President Mustafa Akıncı said that allegations about making 25,000 people TRNC citizens is out of the question.

In his statement following the meeting with the Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiades in the buffer zone, President Mustafa Akıncı answered the claims concerning making 25,000 people TRNC citizens.

Akinci - Citizens

Akıncı also said: “Making 25,000 people citizens is out of the question. Such a thing is not on our agenda. This kind of approach may give harm to the negotiations.”

Indicating that they are considering the figures supplied from the Interior Ministry about citizenship at the negotiation table, Akıncı said “We did not take a step back from any position and we do not have such an intention because we want a solution.”

Anastasiades: “It was a fruitful meeting”

Greek Cypriot Leader Nikos Anastasiades said that the meeting held yesterday with President Akıncı was a fruitful meeting. According to Greek Cypriot radio, in his statement at the Greek Cypriot Presidential Palace following the meeting, Anastasiades said that they exchanged views, problems and positive proposals at the meeting, adding that they have some divergences but they are spending efforts to reach a solution within this year.

Anastasiades - Fruitful meeting

Furthermore, Anastasiades stated that there is not any new consensus but the divergences have decreased. Replying to a question regarding the issues of the EU and the Economy, Anastasiades said that there is not an important divergence on these issues.

 New members appointed to Immovable Property Commission for five years

Ayfer Said Erkmen was appointed as President of the Immovable Property Commission. While Romans Afif Mapolar became the Vice President, Sümer Erkmen, Güngör Günkan, Hans Christian Kruger, Daniel Tarschys and Saskia Yorucu will serve as members. Assignments will be valid for 5 years.

Although the Commission members did not change, some changes were made regarding the missions.

Immovable Property Commission

The Immovable Property Commission had been formed in accordance with the provisions of the European Human Rights Court on the Arestis case, in order to create an effective domestic law for claims related to properties in North Cyprus under the laws of Immovable Property Commission.

The Commission members are being appointed by the Supreme Judicial Council among the persons proposed by the President.

In accordance with the law, at least two members of the 7 member commission are selected among the persons who are not citizens of the TRNC, the UK, Greece, South Cyprus and Turkey.

According to the information on the Commission’s website, a total of 6,284 applications were made to the Commission as at the date of 22 April 2016. 761 were concluded in amicable settlement and 22 were concluded through trial.

The Commission paid 222 million 184 thousand 689 pounds compensation to the applicants as the price of their properties.

A Female Chaplain in Girne

Wendy Hough who visited St. Andrew’s Anglican Church in Girne 10 years ago and was fascinated, is now the Chaplain at this Church.

In a joint interview with Havadis and Cyprus Weekly newspaper, the Revd. Wendy Hough reported her living as a female Chaplain and talked about her activities, her life and views in Cyprus.

Revd Wendy Hough and daughter Lily

Hough stated that it hadn’t been easy to be accepted as a female Chaplain by both her colleagues and visitors.

She added: “When the people think about a priest, they are expecting an old man with a beard. This is the image in everyone’s mind. However, the perception of many people has changed in time.

Hough also pointed out that especially when Filipino women living in Girne met with her, they are very surprised and she also said that this has caused the women to feel more powerful. They realized that this was normal and they now begin to pray.

Moreover, Hough mentioned that many people had overcome their prejudice now and accepted her.

Kittos : “Those who called me a “traitor” now congratulate me”

Greek Cypriot football player Stelios Kittos who made a dramatic decision about his career almost two years ago and transferred to a Turkish Cypriot football club Degirmenlik, explained his experiences in this process.

Throughout his career, Kittos has played for various clubs in the south. After playing for Larnaca-based refugee team Anorthosis, Kittos transferred to Degirmenlik, a Turkish Cypriot football club which now plays in the first division in the north. The decision was met with heavy criticism at first in that period. Kittos now plays for Bostancı Bagcıl, another team in North Cyprus.

Stelios Kittos

Giving an exclusive interview to “In- Cyprus” web site in the South, the 37-year-old midfielder said, “After an injury, I had stopped playing in the first division in the south and began playing in the second division until I could get back on my feet and rise up again. At the time I was in my thirties. I began knocking on doors and coaches would ask my age. When I told them I was 33, they wouldn’t bring me in. I would insist that they see me play before they took a decision, but they preferred to put a younger player in my place. That’s what made me go and play in the north.”

Stating that Greek Cypriot fans and managers approached the situation from a political aspect and they saw him as a traitor, Kittos said that he never thought it as treachery. Kittos stated that people’s attitudes against him had changed in two years. People who called him a “traitor” when he transferred to a football club in the north now congratulate him.

Kittos said, “In the beginning I had a lot of issues, they called me ‘pro-Turkish,’ but now people congratulate me because this shouldn’t be politicised.” “I see that attitudes have changed in the past two years, people’s stance changed very quickly,” he added.

Indicating that the approach shown to him in the north by Turkish Cypriots is very good, the experienced player said, “They see me as a footballer. They respect and appreciate me and I can see that. I have started to learn Turkish. I can easily understand the basic things. I’ve created lots of friendships there and I can say that they are true friendships. My teammates are not two-faced.”

Kittos also added that he is very happy for being and playing football in North Cyprus.

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