May 30, 2023

By Heidi Trautmann…..

French Travellers and Artists to Cyprus  – Special exhibition at the CVAR Nicosia

With regret and sadness I have realised that the bi-communal Centre of Visual Arts and Research in Nicosia does not get attention from people, especially from people in the Northern part of the island, an attention it would really deserve. Just two days ago I went with friends to see the latest exhibition organised by the Canadian Consulate in Cyprus within the framework of the month of Francophonie using the rich collection of the French artists in Cyprus 2Rita Severis Foundation and the CVAR of original paintings and sketches drawn by French travellers and artists, old maps from that time and documents, books and diaries written by those and private persons. Some of the works are contained in Rita Severis’ art book ‘Travelling Artists in Cyprus 1700 – 1960’ published in 2000 in London.

Rita Severis is an art historian and it has been her great dream to bring together her collections and her work in one building to make it available for all Cypriots and contemporary travellers to Cyprus. See the link to the opening ceremony in September 2014 by clicking here

I went many times again and took my friends to see the exceptionally beautiful museum and research and art centre including a well-assorted reference library. Here is a link to my first visit to the centre with a detailed description of the exhibition rooms on several floors and the treasures that can be seen there – click here

French artists in Cyprus 1

In the last two years CVAR organised many events that give the visitor a better understanding of Cyprus past, live performances around Queen Caterina’s era in Cyprus; life performances in Ermou Street in front of the Centre, exceptional exhibitions of art, contemporary and with a look back in time,  readings and film screenings. An enormous effort to open the book of history for us.

French artists in Cyprus duo

The island of Cyprus has been a very important centre in the past, a cultural hub in the eastern part of the Mediterranean between many different cultures, the furthermost space of Europe and we should learn all about it, all there is to know.

The photos in this text concern the last exhibition which will be open until 30 March.

Under the link you can learn more concerning opening times, event calendars.

There is a very nice restaurant attached to the CVAR, they often offer special events with culinary treats. Updated information can be found by clicking here

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