December 6, 2022

Akıncı: “Natural Gas is a future saving, unless acting wisely it may cause tensions”

In his statement following the meeting with the Greek Cypriot Leader Nikos Anastasiades, President Mustafa Akıncı stated that the natural gas is a future saving and unless acting wisely it may cause tensions. Akıncı also said: “It occurred in the past. We must be careful.”

Akinci - Natural gas

Stating that the Greek Cypriots see natural gas as a sovereignty area of the Republic of Cyprus, Akıncı said that they think they can do whatever they want about it, but  we didn’t agree with them. These resources are the common property and wealth of the two communities.

Stating that he conveyed his anxieties about this issue both to the UN and the Greek Cypriot leader, Akıncı ended his words by expressing that he did his best and Greek Cypriot side will receive the message correctly.

Atun: “Guarantorship is not an issue to be discussed”

The Minister of Economy, Industry and Commerce Sunat Atun stated that discussing Turkey’s guarantorship while the Cyprus negotiations continue will not serve anything other than supporting and accepting the Greek Cypriot side’s deep rooted approach and added that guarantorship is not an issue that can be discussed or diluted.

Sunat Atun

In his written statement Atun pointed out to the Greek Cypriot Presidential Commissioner for Humanitarian Issues and Overseas Greeks, Fotis Fotiu’s statements regarding the commemoration anniversary of armed attacks of EOKA and he said that those who discussed the issue of Turkey’s guarantorship should take into consideration Fotiu’s statements and analyse correctly.

Religious Affairs condemned the terror attacks

Religious Affairs condemned the terror attacks in Pakistan after the terror attacks carried out in Ankara, İstanbul and Belgium.

Talip Atalay

In his statement, President of Religious Affairs Prof.Dr.Talip Atalay expressed his regrets over the attacks which targeted innocent people, killed dozens and wounded hundreds.

Talip Atalay, “We should not compromise on the values that keep the people alive. On the contrary, we should protect these values, keep alive the spirit of solidarity and help each other for the construction of common values and a world to live in safety.”

Sucuoğlu: “We are interested in the alternative tourism potentials”

Indicating that caravan tourism is very common in Europe and tourists visit European countries on certain routes, Tourism Minister Dr. Faiz Sucuoğlu said that the TRNC can be an alternative region for trailer tourism with its nature and climate.

Faiz Sucuoglu

Stating that he held contacts with Vice President and union officials of the European Caravan Association in ITB Berlin Fair, Sucuoğlu said that tourists who are travelling with a caravan/trailer want to visit Cyprus.

Stating that the Tourism Ministry is conducting works to provide alternative tourism options, Sucuoğlu said that one of them is trekking tourism. In this context, they are trying to enable tourists to pass through the villages in the region and to stay overnight in the villages.

Cavusoglu and Kerry optimistic on 2016 solution

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu and US Secretary of State John Kerry have both backed hopes that a settlement to the Cyprus problem could be reached by the end of the year.

Cavusoglu and Kerry

Cavusoglu met with Kerry in Washington with both officials optimistic about the chances of a deal being struck between Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiades and Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci.

“We have also some good news from the eastern part of the Mediterranean, I mean Cyprus,” Cavusoglu was quoted as saying after their meeting. “We are hoping to reach a settlement in Cyprus in 2016. Turkey’s side is ready.”

Cavusoglu said that the momentum had slowed down of late ahead of the upcoming parliamentary elections before adding “after the elections we are hoping to reach a settlement and the United States is giving its full support to this process as well as Turkey.”

Kerry, who has visited Cyprus recently along with US Vice President Joe Biden, said he “couldn’t agree more” who claimed that “we are very deeply committed to and involved in the talks on Cyprus.”

“We have met with the folks on both sides as well as individual countries and we are going to keep pushing very, very hard towards a resolution of the Cyprus crisis.”

The book named the Northern Face of Cyprus was promoted

The book named the “Northern Face of Cyprus” which includes new works regarding archaeology and art history in the TRNC was promoted at the Bedesten. President Mustafa Akıncı was also present at the event.

Northern Face of Cyprus

In his speech Akıncı stated that Cyprus is a rich island with its historical places and it is extremely important to make it visible, to create awareness of them, to protect the values and the cultural heritage as well as to act with the consciousness of leaving the heritage to future generations.

Professor Dr. Luis Musso from Rome University who promoted the book stated that the book was being used as a popular study in terms of being featured as the first book that is dedicated to the historical geography.

Stating that the book contains 26 new works and sheds light on the archaeological and historical heritage in Gazimağusa, Girne, Güzelyurt and Lefkoşa, Musso said that the studies are unique in terms of the geographical, historical and cultural heritage of Cyprus.

Promotion of first historical dictionary of TRNC

The first historical dictionary entitled “Historical Dictionary of Cyprus” which was written by Farid Mirbagheri and translated into Turkish by Kıyal Ersen was promoted in Lefkoşa.

Historical dictionary

The “Historical Dictionary of Cyprus” includes hundreds of titles regarding the history, policy, economy and culture of the country.

Furthermore, the dictionary includes information about the prominent people and the political parties as well as important events and places in Cyprus.

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