April 1, 2023

News report from Rich’s Sport………

By Graham Brown and Richard Beale…….

Esentepe Football Match, it was a Stalemate !


If this match ended 4-4 you probably wouldn’t read this match report. As this match ended 0-0 you definitely will not read it! Still as match reporter I must report what little action there was.

Esentepe KKSK ve Göçmenköy İYSK - 1

I should have known when the players came onto the field each with a deckchair under their arms that this match would have an end of season feel about it. The giveaway was the Punch and Judy stall and donkey rides on the touch lines!

Details : Saturday March 21st 2016 : K-Pet League 1 : Esentepe Erdal Barut Stadium.
Esentepe colours : Red fading to pink shirts, black shorts/socks.
Göçmenköy colours : Blue/red stripe shirts, blue shorts/socks.
Weather : Dry sunny occasional cloud, breezy.

With the match ending 0-0, as you can expect that both teams defences were on top. This was true especially Göçmenköy who were very strong at the back, aided by their midfield players covering back. Esentepe defence as well, built a strong fortress around goalkeeper Tuğrul who had little to do.

Esentepe KKSK ve Göçmenköy İYSK - 3

What chances there were mostly came from dead ball situations, with Göçmenköy striking the Esentepe bar from a free kick taken by Salim from 22 yards in the 18th minute. The first half was scrappy with lots of niggly fouls not helping the flow of the game. Göçmenköy came close to opening the scoring in the 68th minute when a long through ball from Umut was fastened onto by the dangerous Arda, only for Nersin quickly spotting the danger putting in a last ditch tackle, even then the ball ricocheted away and ended up just going past Tuğrul’s far post.

Esentepe’s best attempt came shortly afterwards with Başak laying the ball back for Emek to crack a rasping shot just outside the Göçmenköy box only for keeper Hüseyin to block the shot with his knees.

Esentepe KKSK ve Göçmenköy İYSK - 2

5 minutes to go and keeper Hüseyin was in action again palming away a fierce free kick from Başak after Emek was fouled. FULL TIME : 0-0.

SUMMING UP : Another point for Esentepe who are virtually safe from relegation. For Göçmenköy this was a match they needed to win to keep their slim chances of reaching the Play Off’s alive. It wasn’t for the lack of trying from Göçmenoy top goal scorer Arda Sözcü, who virtually took on the Esentepe defence single handedly and was subject to some robust challenges from Esentepe. For Esentepe there was effort but little guile in trying to prise open a strong defence. The 3 M’s for Esentepe (Mahmut, Mehmet and Muhammed) all teenagers, which is good to see, were Esentepe’s best players. Mahmut was full of running overlapping and also very involved when switched to midfield later on. Mehmet on the right side of midfield after an extended run into the first team is gradually growing into the role. Midfielder Muhammed, was strong in the tackle and broke up numerous Göçmenköy attacks.

ESENTEPE TEAM : (4-4-2, replacements in brackets, marks bout of 10)
Tuğrul ((gk) 5 : MAHMUT 7, Nersin 6, Berkan 6, Emek 6 (Burak 80 mins) : Mehmet 6, Iİyas 5, Muhammed 6, Umar 4 ( Barış 60 mins) : Eser 4 (Emrah 60 mins), Başak 5 :
Esentepe replacements not used :
Serkan (gk), Eşref, Tugay, Emre Soytürk.

ESENTEPE MAN OF THE MATCH : Mahmut – back to his old form of 2 seasons ago.


26-09-15 : Gençlik Gücü A2-2 Başak, Emek (pen)
03-10-15 : DENIZLI H0-0
10-10-15 : Hamitköy A2-2 Kaan, Eser
17-10-15: KARŞIYAKA H0-3
25-10-15 : Düzkaya A1-2 Kaan
31-10-15 : GIRNE HALK EVI H0-0
07-11-15 : Göçmenköy A1-2 Eser
14-11-15 : GÖRNEÇ H3-2 Firat og, Eser, Emrah
21-11-15 : Gönyeli A1-2 Emek (pen)
28-11-15 : LAPTA H 2-1 Umar, Kaan
06-12-15 : Yalova A 3-1 Başak, Burak, Kaan
12-12-15 : Baf Ülkü Yurdu A 1-0 Eser
20-12-15 : DUMLUPINAR H 0-1
26-12-15 : KÜÇÜK KAYMAKLI H 0-2
(Kibris Cup)
06-02-16 ; GENÇLIK GÜCÜ H 0-2
14-02-16 : Denizli A 2-2 Nersin, Emrah
21-02-16 : HAMİTKÖY H 2-1 Mehmet Eser
27-02-16 : Karşıyaka A 1-0 Başak
05-03-16 : DÜZKAYA H 1-3 Emek(pen)
13-03-16 : Girne Halk Evi A 1-1 Emek(pen)
19-03-16 : GÖÇMENKÖY H 0-0

ESENTEPE LEAGUE APPEARANCES : (replacements in brackets, maximum of 20 matches).
19 : Emek, Mahmut, Nersin : 17 : Umar (2): 16 : Berkan (2) : 13 : Eser (5), İlyas (2) : 12: Burak (1),Kaan : 10 : Barış (3), Serkan (2), Tuğrul : 9 : Başak (5) : 8: Mehmet (6) : 7: Emrah (9) : 5 : Muhammed (7) : 2 : Emre Mutlu (2) : 1: Emre Soytürk (5), Eşref (2), Tuğrulsan 0 appearances :
Aziz (2), Aras (1), Asil Arif 1), Tugay (1).
5 : ESER : 4 : Kaan , Emek (4 pens) : 3 : Başak ; 2 : Emrah : 1 : Umar, Burak, Nersin, Mehmet plus 1 own goal = 23.

Same as the first XI !,

Saturday March 26th : Away v Görneç KSK k.o. 2-30pm @ Görneç Üç Şehitler Stadi.
Another derby match as Esentepe travel over the mountains to play the “Hill billies” from Görneç on their synthetic pitch. Details to follow later in the week

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