Price drop for TRNC WHITE CARD

Price drop for TRNC WHITE CARD


News is filtering through that the Turkish language press are reporting that the White Card/Permanent Residency permit is being reduced in price by 50% to 1,000TL – A source: click here

To read more of our archived article about the White Card regulations please click here and we will bring you more news as it is received.

White card

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  1. Good to let me have details of the White Card. A question for you,maybe you can answer,what happens to people like myself that have held this white card also known as a Kimlik card for 30 years. many thanks, Margot.

    • Thank you Margot for your question and you have no need for concern as you white card is still valid as you can read about by clicking here to read the article “TRNC New White Card Information Update 26.02.2016” we have just published.

      We are delighted also to see since it went live a few hours ago, many hundreds of people have read it’

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