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TRNC News Today 8th February 2016

The water issue is to be discussed in Ankara

The government’s proposal regarding the management of the water which is transmitted via the pipeline under the sea from Turkey to TRNC will be discussed today in Ankara.

Water issue - Ankara

Finance Minister Birikim Özgür, the Minister of Economy, Industry and Commerce Sunat Atun, the Minister of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Food Erkut Şahali and the Minister of Public Works and Environment Kutlu Evren will hold contacts in Ankara in order to finalize the deal on the water transfer project.

In case of a reconciliation of the parties, the inter-governmental agreement will come to the signing stage.

Burcu: “The statements of the Greek Cypriot leader are trying to create an impression that there is a common consensus and it is not true”

Presidential Spokesperson Barış Burcu indicated that the statement of the Greek Cypriot leader Anastasiades which was published yesterday was trying to create an impression as if there is a common consensus on the issues that have not been agreed yet, and stressed that it is not true.

Baris Burcu

In his written statement, Burcu indicated that the Turkish Cypriot side always avoids damaging the negotiation process when making statements about their positions. “We never create a false perception on the common issues that have not been compromised. We expect our counterparts to behave in the same way,” said Burcu.

Negotiators to meet today

In the framework of the ongoing negotiations in order to find a solution to the Cyprus problem, Turkish Cypriot Negotiator Özdil Nami and the Greek Cypriot Negotiator Andreas Mavroyiannis will meet today.

Presidential Spokesperson Barış Burcu indicated that the negotiators will come together today in order to determine the next meeting date of the leaders and to complete the preparatory works of the leaders’ meeting

Mavroyiannis and Nami

On the other hand, the committee which is formed from the Turkish and the Greek Cypriot experts with the decision of the leaders to prepare the Turkish Cypriot side for the European Union acquis held contacts with Turkish Cypriot negotiator Özdil Nami and the Greek Cypriot negotiator Andreas Mavroyiannis in Brussels for the first time.

During the Brussels contacts, Nami and Mavroyiannis held contacts at the technical level as part of the work being carried out by the Ad Hoc committee established upon the instructions of the two leaders to prepare the Turkish Cypriot community for the Acquis communautaire (the EU law and regulations). Yesterday’s meeting of the Ad Hoc committee which was held at the European Commission building in Brussels, was described as “historic”. The European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, who gave strong support to the solution process, also made a presentation in one part of the meeting.

In the framework of the Brussels contacts, Nami and Mavroyiannis also met with the Vice President of the European Commission in charge of Energy Union Maroš Šefčovič.

It was also learned that intensifying the work of the committee was decided at the meeting in Brussels. Also, resources were allocated for education on the EU acquis, and for the Turkish translation of the documents related to the EU acquis. Furthermore, it was recorded that 50.000 Euros were allocated for the simultaneous interpretation services needed by the ad hoc committee.

Taçoy: “The Greek Cypriot authorities have no intention to compromise”

The Secretary General of the Democrat Party National Forces, Hasan Taçoy stated: “The statements of the Greek Cypriot administration authorities and political party leaders show that they have no intention to compromise on the basis of the realities in Cyprus regarding the Cyprus issue, that’s why it is now time for the Turkish Cypriot side to make a new assessment”.

Hasan Tacoy

Maintaining that the statements of the Greek Cypriot administration authorities and the political party leaders clearly show that they never want an effective and de facto guarantee of Turkey and they want to remove the Turkish troops completely from the island and when it is a matter of threat to life and property of Turkish Cypriots, Greek Cypriots put forward a scheme that Turkey will not be able to make a military intervention in Cyprus even unilaterally, Taçoy stated that the Greek Cypriots are not in favour of a new partnership.

Indicating that the Greek Cypriot side did not put forward a more reasonable opinion compared to the past in any of the six chapters which were being discussed; Taçoy stated that’s why if they do not give concessions to the Greek Cypriots, a settlement will not be close, and it is almost impossible.

Cardinal Sandri prayed at the church in Gürpınar and Özhan

Roman Catholic Prefect of the Congregation for the Oriental Churches Cardinal Leonardo Sandri prayed at Ay.Marina Church in Gürpınar and at Ay. Archangelos Michael Church in Özhan. Sandri was welcomed by Foreign Ministry Undersecretary Erhan Erçin at Ay.Marina Church. Maronites who live in Özhan and Gürpinar also prayed with Sandri.

Cardinal Sandri

During the prayer at Ay. Marina Church, Cardinal Sandri had good wishes for the island and expressed his support to ongoing Cyprus peace talks and his appreciation to those who exerted efforts to achieve peace.

Cardinal Sandri prayed “to bring peace to the island as soon as possible”.

In this period of continued negotiations for a comprehensive solution, indicating that they care about the culture and co-existence of all parties, Erçin thanked Cardinal Sandri for his visit.

Noting that the negotiations are continuing and this is an important process, Erçin said “We will live together in peace on this island, with also the support of the Maronite people, the Maronites are an important part of Cypriot culture”.

Atalay: “We are making peace based studies for 5 years”

Related to the “The Cyprus Peace Process Religious Path” the Head of Religious Affairs Dr. Talip Atalay said: “We are making peace based studies for 5 years regarding, in particular, places of worship, the protection of respective rights in religious matters. These studies attract serious attention in the Turkish and Greek sides and also in the international arena.”

Talip Atalay

In his statement to AA reporters, Atalay said that Cyprus is one of the most strategic points of the region. Stating that there is no war situation in Cyprus, Atalay said: “On the contrary, there is a de-facto peace situation but we wish the peace to be permanent and to reach an agreement on the grounds that the Turkish Cypriots’ rights and security can be guaranteed.”

Arpalık Resistance remembered

A commemoration ceremony was held in memory of martyrs who fell during the Arpalık resistance 52 years ago. Five Turkish Cypriots who were killed during the resistance put up against the Greek Cypriot attacks in the Arpalık village in 1964 were remembered.

Arpalik Resistance

The ceremony was attended by representatives of the Society of Martyrs Families and Disabled War Veterans and various combatant associations.

The ceremony ended with wreaths being laid and the reading of prayers.

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