May 31, 2023

Cyprus Problem

Greek Cypriot MEP is prepared

to set herself on Fire for ENOSIS

Member of European Parliament (MEP) Eleni Theocharous is prepared to immolate herself in order to achieve Cyprus’ union with Greece, she told a gathering in Athens on Thursday.

Eleni Theocharous“If setting oneself on fire at [Athens’] Syntagma Square is what it takes to push for a union of Cyprus and Greece, then I will strive to be the first to do it,” she said speaking at an informal function.

The function, held at an Athens bookstore, was titled “Cyprus faced with a new Annan plan.”

In her talk, Theocharous blasted the ongoing reunification talks, forecasting that with the proposed settlement Cyprus would turn into a “district of Turkey in less than a generation.”

This was why, she said, Greece cannot abdicate its rights as a guarantor power for Cyprus.

“Athens has a legal and moral responsibility toward one million Greeks,” she noted, referring to Greek Cypriots.

EnosisThe MEP said also that the financing of a settlement would require steeping the island in more debt.

Earlier this month, Theocharous unveiled her ‘Solidarity Movement’, with the purpose of ‘saving the Republic of Cyprus’ and ‘restoring the rights of the Cypriot people’.

Theocharous, who left the DISY part last November citing a divergence of views on the handling of the Cyprus issue, rejects a bizonal, bicommunal federation.

Source: Cyprus Mail

9 thoughts on “Cyprus Problem – Greek Cypriot MEP is prepared to set herself on Fire for ENOSIS

  1. Wow. She is still ingrained with hate, like I think many Greek Cyps are. Not sure how this will all end. I am with the Turks. Had bad times in the south with them.

  2. This is a must read for all those who say that the gcs no longer desire enosis ( union with greece)…. some will say she is an extremist soo who voted for her ?? also i would like to see the south cyprus leadership censure her !! think iwill be waiting a very long time :)!!

    1. If she is that way inclined, then let her do it, but if she does not. She is a danger and probably with many followers with this deep rooted problem

      1. what ever she does she is a danger … i am still waiting to hear a reaction / comment from the south cyprus authorities…..has anyone seen anything …..also isnt it the job of the eu to comment on such senstive matters ?? has there been any eu comment ??

  3. This woman is a survivor from the age of dinosaurs living in the past. Her ‘policy’ will guarantee that the whole of Cyprus will become a ‘district of Turkey’ quickly. When will we ever learn??

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