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TRNC News Today 27th January 2016

Financial Times: “Akıncı and Anastasiades may be candidates for the Nobel Peace Prize”

Greek Cypriot daily Simerini newspaper wrote that the Financial Times indicated that President Mustafa Akıncı and Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiades may be candidates for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Nobel Peace Prize

The newspaper published the news entitled “Equal leaders may share the Nobel Peace Prize” and mentioned the news of the Financial Times which reported that the two leaders may be candidates for the Nobel Peace Prize  with the following statements:

“This year’s two potential candidates of the Nobel Peace Prize, Nikos Anastasiades and his counterpart Mustafa Akıncı, attended Davos. The two leaders showed determination in achieving the agreement to reunify the island, which has been divided for years.”

According to the news, the Financial Times also attributed to Anastasiades’ remarks that “the only issue to be discussed and solved is not the money but also the departure of the Turkish soldiers, the guarantees and the security are still continuing to be the disagreement points.”

Siber: “We expect all EU member states to take concrete steps in order to contribute to lifting of isolations”

Speaker of the Assembly Sibel Siber called for Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) member countries “to take concrete steps in order to contribute to the lifting of the isolations as soon as possible.”

Sibel Siber

Emphasizing the positive momentum of the Cyprus talks, Siber pointed out that especially the two leaders in Cyprus gave very positive messages towards the solution and there is a hope for the solution in 2016.

Siber also said: “Resolving the 50 years old Cyprus issue in a fair way will be a very important development for our region which is tired from the conflicts and dealing with their consequences.

Speaker of the Assembly Sibel Siber made a speech on behalf of the “Observer Member Turkish Cypriot State” at the meeting of the 11th Conference of Parliamentary Union of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in Baghdad (İSİPAB).

In her speech at the conference, Siber called on all member states to “strengthen effective solidarity and mutual relations in all areas with the Turkish Cypriot State.”

Kanbay: “World’s states which want a solution in Cyprus are considering their own interests”

Turkish Ambassador to Nicosia Derya Kanbay stated that the world’s states which want a solution in Cyprus are considering their own interests. Saying that “I am not telling this for fanaticism. Unfortunately the world has such a reality. Some certain powers are monopolizing the domination of the international organizations. Yes or No votes of five permanent members in the United Nations Security Council affects many things in the world.”

Derya Kanbay

Indicating that these countries mutually support each other because they conflict with each other or fear from each other, Kanbay said that if one of them carries out a massacre somewhere, the other one stays silent. They conduct each other’s works in this way. While they are fighting the oppressed society is affected by this situation. This is what has been happening in Cyprus for many years.”

TAPS Project to start

Improving the Capacity of the Local Stakeholders (including Business Support Organisations) and Developing the Competitiveness of the Private Sector Support Programme – TAPS Project- which is funded by the European Union and conducted by the Diadikasia S.A. Consortium starts today.


The project will start with an event which will take place at the EU Information Centre in Lefkoşa between the hours of 09.30- 15.30.

According to the statement made by TAPS, the project which has a great importance for the development of the private sector and SMEs in North Cyprus, is expected to influence all levels of the economy (macro, meso and micro).

The aims of the project include  strengthening the capacity of relevant institutions working for the economic development of the Turkish Cypriot community, carrying out feasibility works and providing advice on incubation centres, innovation centres, clusters and business development centres, assessing the capacity of the other stakeholders working on the development of the private sector and chambers and especially proposing financial support which contributes to the access of SMEs to the funds for finance.

Advertising campaign regarding the TRNC launched in the UK became effective

TRNC Tourism Ministry announced that the advertising campaign regarding the TRNC launched in the UK became effective.


According to the written statement of the Ministry, interest in the Tourism Ministry website ‘welcometonorthcyprus’ decreased gradually before the  advertising campaign however the number of visitors to the website showed a significant increase after the promotional campaign.

According to the statistical data received from the Google search engine, the number of visitors to the welcometonorthcyprus website (to view click here)  has increased 94%.


North Cyprus tourism was promoted at MATKA 2016 Tourism Fair in Finland

According to information provided by the Tourism Ministry Press Office, interviews have been carried out by a delegation from the Ministry of Tourism with the  tourism sector representatives particularly from Finland and in general from the Nordic market and also with the other Nordic and Finnish tour operators within the framework of studies at the TRNC stand.

Tourism Fair Finland

The beaches, nature, culture, historical monuments and many other tourism products in the country were promoted at the fair.

The general information brochure in the Suomi language, 50 reasons to visit Northern Cyprus, tourist road map, eco-tourism brochure, several other brochures for special interest tourism, tourist promotional DVDs, and water sports, eco-tourism, mountain biking brochures were also distributed at the TRNC stand.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office –

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Pictures shown are courtesy of the TRNC Public Information Office Facebook page.

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  1. There is nothing concrete yet, so how can they be put forward to a Nobel peace prize. That is like cheating the people into belief.

  2. I think the international community is simply offering them an incentive. The message is ‘sort out Cyprus and the Nobel prize is assured’. Time will tell if they have the strength of character to solve what seems almost insolvable.

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