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TRNC News Today 13th January 2016

Akıncı: “The basis of our common aim is the happiness and peace of our people”

President Mustafa Akıncı said that all of the studies during the Cyprus negotiation process are for the happiness and peace of the people. Akıncı added that the basis of their common aim is “the happiness and peace of the people in their future life, to save people from uncertainty and to reach a better life in the country”.

Mustafa Akinci

Yesterday, President Akıncı informed the deputies about the latest stage reached at the negotiations. Within this framework, Akıncı qualified yesterday’s meeting as one of the most important steps on the way to a solution in Cyprus.

Furthermore, the Speaker of the Assembly Sibel Siber said that the meeting held yesterday was very fruitful, adding “Our common ground is to live as happy and healthy people in peace and to look to the future with confidence. We will try to reach an agreement through establishing dialogues and communication to reach the best result for our people”.

Eroğlu: “Either there will be early elections or another government model will be looked for”

Stating that the government needs to compromise on the issue of water and economic cooperation protocol as soon as possible and also should make an agreement with Turkey, 3rd President Derviş Eroğlu said: “Otherwise, either there will be early elections or another government model will be looked for.”

Dervis Eroglu

In a television program Derviş Eroğlu, who gave an explanation on the issues of water and the Cyprus problem as well as current issues, said that discussions and statements on the water issue reached a dimension that harms Turkish Cypriots.

The second panel entitled “A United Cyprus is Possible” will be held tomorrow

The European Commission Representation in Cyprus and the Association of Social Reform – OPEK will hold the second panel under the title “A United Cyprus is possible” tomorrow.

United Cyprus Possible

The Secretary-General of AKEL Andros Kyprianou and the leader of the TDP Cemal Özyiğit will make speeches at the panel which will be held at the European Union Home.

The Head of the European Commission Representation in Cyprus George Markopouliotis, and OPEK Member of Board Larkos Larkou will make the opening speeches at the panel. Simultaneous translation will be also made at the panel in Greek, Turkish and English languages.

The first panel was conducted with the participation of the leader of the Greek Cypriot Democratic Rally Party (DİSİ) Averof Neofytou and the leader of the Republican Turkish Party Mehmet Ali Talat on 15 December.

DISI’s decision caused discussions

It was stated that Greek Cypriot DISI party has started efforts to postpone the general elections to be held in South Cyprus in May and this caused discussions between the other political parties.

DISI decision

In his statement, DISI Deputy Nikos Tornaritis said that the national case is more important than the elections that’s why they consider to postpone the general elections to March due to the Cyprus negotiations. Tornaritis also said that they will offer this suggestion at the General Assembly of DISI to be held on 31 January.

AKEL Polit Bureau member Stefanos Stefanu reacted to the statement of DISI Deputy Nikos Tornaritis and said that in recent years, DISI sacrificed the Cyprus problem for the interest of the party and in the event of reaching a solution in Cyprus, AKEL will be the first party which will be pleased.

In the statement of DIKO, it was stressed that “If Tornaritis expresses that the general elections should be postponed due to the developments on the Cyprus problem, he should inform us about the developments.”

Furthermore, EDEK and EURO.KO parties blamed DISI for trying to create different impressions.

Missile attacks on Syria from Akrotiri Base

British warplanes deployed at the Akrotiri Base attacked Syria for the first time with “Brimstone” missiles on Sunday (10th January).

Missile attack from Akrotiri

According to the statement given by the British Government, the missiles targeted a convoy, two buildings, a command centre and an oil field which belong to the IŞİD in Rakka city, Syria.

Founding President Denktaş to be commemorated

The Founding President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Rauf Raif Denktaş will be commemorated today with ceremonies on the 4th anniversary of his death.

Rauf Denktas

The first ceremony for Founding President Denktaş will be held at his mausoleum and the second ceremony will be held at Atatürk Culture Centre.

Anastasiades says he would attend a meeting with Akinci and UNSG in Davos if invited

Leader of the Greek Cypriot administration Nikos Anastasiades said on Tuesday he would attend a meeting with the UN Secretary-General and President Akıncı in Davos, if Ban Ki-moon invites them.

Nikos Anastasiades

Asked whether he would attend a meeting with the UN Secretary-General and Mustafa Akinci, if Ban invited them, Anastasiades replied “yes”. Anastasiades and Akinci continue their intensive discussions and are set to meet on Thursday 14th January.

The negotiators of the Greek Cypriot and the Turkish Cypriot sides, Andreas Mavroyiannis and Ozdil Nami, met on Monday to prepare Thursday’s meeting. The negotiators are also set to meet on Friday.

Successful treatment for a Greek Cypriot patient in North Cyprus

The treatment of a Greek Cypriot patient who was diagnosed as having a larynx tumour was successfully carried out through a laser technique without incision in the TRNC.

Greek patiemt in TRNC

The 63 year-old Greek Cypriot patient whose larynx tumour became recurrent after his surgery in the UK 5 years ago, has been treated by using the Endolaringeal Laser Kordektomi at the Near East University Hospital.

The one hour operation was made at the Ear Nose and Throat Department of Near East University Hospital with a laser technique without incision. The patient was discharged from the hospital after a one night stay.

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