November 30, 2023

European Union

British court blocks

Turkish diplomats’ bank accounts

UK CourtsA local British court has blocked a number of Turkish bank accounts, including those of Turkish diplomats in the country, over another court’s decision taken by Greek Cypriots, spurring Ankara to launch diplomatic efforts against the court order on the grounds it was against the Vienna convention on consular relations.

Seven Greek Cypriot citizens filed a property case against Turkey and asked Britain to implement the rule of Greek Cypriot courts. A local British court blocked some bank accounts, including those of diplomats from the Turkish Embassy.

Ankara had summoned the British ambassador in Ankara last week after the Turkish diplomats’ bank accounts were blocked, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Tanju Bilgiç said on Jan. 8, adding that a similar initiative had been launched by the Turkish embassy in London.

Flagge TürkeiBilgiç said Ankara conveyed to British authorities that the move was against the Vienna convention and the order hindered the work of Turkey’s diplomatic and consular missions in Britain.

“It’s unacceptable. We have launched an official process to object. We expect the lifting of the court orders on these accounts,” he said.

The spokesperson also stressed that the decision could harm the “positive environment” of the ongoing reunification talks between Turkish and Greek Cypriots.

Source: Hürriyet Daily News


3 thoughts on “European Union – British court blocks Turkish diplomats’ bank accounts

  1. Aren’t they untouchables under the Vienna agreement? They are indeed yet Greek court in South Cyprus make judgments against them. The decision is wrong unlawful malicious and biased to say the least and it is making mockery of international agreement as well as EU countries especially as UK agreed to enforce the decision. Solution between the two sides? Only if Greeks start to act with good faith and respect Turks as equals.

  2. what a hypocrisy 1 british high court judge ordered division of assets in north Cyprus in adivorce case even though we had obtained the necessary jurisdiction element and advice and info from top judges both in trnc and uk. high court judge in London just made fun of the law and ruined my life. lawyers in trnc are also money greedy inhuman Satanists who just think of ripping people off. same existin uk. uk court cannot make a ruling against Turkish diplomats bank accounts, they must first find out the legalissues surrounding Cyprus and other rulings concerning loizidou arestisetc etc..

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