December 8, 2022

Establishment of the new political party Halkin Partisi / People’s Party

On January 06, 2016


By Heidi Trautmann…….

On January 06, 2016 at 10.30 Prof. Dr.Kudret Özersay arrived at the TRNC Ministry of the Interior in Nicosia, awaited by a big crowd of followers in front of the entrance, to deliver his application to the Minister of Interior for the establishment of the new party HALKIN PARTISI. When he came down again with the file of registration in his hands, he and his wife Aliye Ummanel were greeted by the cheering friends and supporters. “It is done”, everybody said, “we now have the body to start a new future for Cyprus.”

Kudret Ozersay with Aliye Ummanel

For over two years I have been following Dr. Kudret Özersay closely as you can read under the following link containing my interview with him and report on a meeting with The Foreign Residents’ Society . click here 

After the procedure of registration we all drove to the building of the Chamber of Commerce where the auditorium was reserved for the party’s first press conference. Dr. Kudret Özersay  first introduced the 51 founding members of the party, among them advocates, teachers, academicians of various disciplines, artists, writers and businessmen.

After Dr. Kudret Özersay had won 21% at the last presidential elections he was pushed from many directions to establish an own party. I was asking one of the founding members why it had taken him so long to do so. “We had to establish a proper plan first, a programme, before we could step out.”

Kudret Ozersay with the founding members

And this new programme he was then putting forward in front of the audience and the attentive media. My friend, who kept me informed during the speech, said that the programme has approx. 70 pages, of which a summary was presented for all governmental responsibilities, and this summary took him about 1½ hours. We could all feel that he was deeply concerned and excellently prepared for the future tasks.

I find him a very charismatic but serious man who carries the interest of his country in his heart and on his tongue. He regards himself as a tool to carry out a cleaning process on all shelves of society and governmental bodies. He does not make any promises but counts on cooperation in all fields. He did not loose many words of wrong doings in the past but came up with clear proposals of what can be done better. His most important priority is a clean society and transparent politics, no corruption, no cronyism but the accomplishment of tasks by experts in their fields.

The programme will be translated into English and I will publish it as soon as it is available. PEOPLE’s PARTY short HP has its own website click here  (and click for English translation).

We wish the newly established HP a good start, courage and perseverance and the support of the right kind.


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