May 31, 2023


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Kudret Özersay formed

“The People’s Party (Halkın Partisi-HP)”

Former Turkish Cypriot Chief Negotiator and Academic Kudret Özersay has completed his workings towards forming a new party.

ÖzersayKudret Özersay along with the founding members of the new party to be formed handed in an application to register the new political party to the Interior and Labour Ministry yesterday morning.

He held a press conference at the Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Commerce to inform the public regarding the new party that was officially established today.

‘The People’s Party (Halkın Partisi-HP) was formed after several months of hard work and exchanging views with a variety of visits with different circles’ said Özersay during the press conference.

He said there was a need for a rooted change in Turkish Cypriot politics and a new political understanding.

Touching upon the Cyprus issue in a press release, it noted that the People’s Party will support a solution that will be accepted by the two peoples on the island.

‘A balanced solution that protects the rights and interests of the two peoples on the island and where there are no losers is what the People’s Party supports’ noted the statement.

Source: BRT World News


3 thoughts on “Kudret Özersay formed “The People’s Party (Halkın Partisi-HP)”

  1. is there anywhere where we will be able to see finer policy aspects in relation to the new party? be great to see these in English too

    1. Hi Fevzi as we noted in our article it is possible to translate the Turkish language website into English.

      No worries we are in contact with Halkin Partisi through our writers and as soon as they have received English translated information we will share it through our community sharing websites.

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