Cyprus – Bicommunal Wishes for 2016 – Video Interview


Bicommunal Wishes for 2016

Intro by Ralph Kratzer

We saw many things happen in and around Cyprus in 2015.

A terrible, inhuman war right on our doorstep. The related refugee disaster. Sunken refugee boats, drowned children.

Continuing crisis in Turkey and the rapid fall of the Lira.

Terrorist attacks in Turkey and right in the heart of Europe.

And not least the ongoing reunification talks in Cyprus, which raise many questions among the population on both parts of the island.

Aydin Calik and Theo Panayides of Cyprus Mail asked people in the streets of Nicosia, both Turkish and Greek Cypriots, about their hopes for 2016.

The video was published on YouTube yesterday and I want to share it with our readers, courtesy of Cyprus Mail.

Source: Video CopyrightCyprus Mail – For private use only